With the help of HGH , you really grow taller ?

Recently, CCTV ” Weekly Quality Report ” exposed some doctors treat growth hormones as miracle cure, to let young people eager to take for heath growth . Growth hormone can let the children grow taller ? Yesterday , ” Chinese Children’s bone age grading method ” created man , authority on children’s growth, hospital chief expert Professor Ye Long said growth hormone is a prescription drug , to go through a professional medical diagnosis then can use , and GH Only applies to some children, the blind use is unsafe .


CCTV reported , nine -year-old Jill is short. Mom seen description of the growth and development of children in a family clinic on the internet, said it had successfully increased height for 100,000 teenages,then decided to go and see with Jill . Doctors do not require either growth hormone stimulation test , there is no blood to determine whether he was suffering from growth hormone deficiency , let the parents pay the costs, direct use of growth hormone therapy.


Children don’t grow taller, parents are most anxious , but accidentally fell into the non-standard medical institutions and distributors trap. Professor Ye Yiyan said that he had had a admission with Huan Huan ( a pseudonym ), diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency , growth hormone therapy is recommended . However, parents hesitated, Instead of credulity of others,taking a ” growth factor” and more than a year , spent more than 20,000 dollars, has no effect. Finally , parents bring Huanhuan to Ye Yiyan , obtained regular treatment effect .


Ye Yi Yan said that children of short stature is a disease , we must conduct a comprehensive examination of growth, endocrine specialist , a clear cause , to determine the safety , systemic therapy and regular observation. In recent years, child’s growth retardation , increased the phenomenon of growth track deviation , 3% in Mainland China accounted for the total abnormal little children , of which only about 30% get professional treatment . Recently, Beno hospital in Changsha primary and secondary schools in a two census ,abnormal dwarf 4.2% rate in primary and secondary schools 7.5% , yet a person for professional treatment .


Many mothers have questions , if the child is suffering from short stature , or slower growth than their peers ? Ye Yiyan advice is to go to professional hospital to check,, including checks accurate bone age and endocrine examination , etc., in order to determine the child’s growth problem , sit idly by , or feel free to use growth hormone, are wrong. And some on the market with “growth factors” brand of health products, in his opinion is purely speculation.


So, which children need growth hormones? Ye Yiyan said that the consensus is as below ,growth hormone deficiency , congenital ovarian hypoplasia , low birth weight , idiopathic ( unknown cause ) short stature , etc. these problems is needed for early detection and early treatment

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