Can Human Growth Hormone Cure Depressive disorders?

We are gradually beginning to discover more about Human Growth Hormone (HGH). It is now recognized that HGH has a range of health benefits which include combating heart disease and helping to reduce age related muscle loss. Scientists at the Sahlgrenska Hospital in Sweden have recently discovered that Human Growth Hormone can successfully treat chronic fatigue and depression. This is an important medical breakthrough as many seniors suffer from both long term depression and chronic fatigue. Previous studies have not found a link to lower levels of HGH and long term depression, however, scientists have now been able to establish a clear link.

The Importance of Human Growth Hormone

Children have high levels HGH which is the essential when it comes to healthy growth. The hormone is produced by the pituitary gland but as we age the level of hormone produced declines. The decline can start once we reach our 20’s and by the time we reach 65 years old over 50% of us are partly or completely deficient in the hormone.

Leading Human Growth Hormone specialist, Dr Thierry Hertoghe, set the Swedish team on the right path when he discovered that HGH helps us to deal with stress. In his work with HGH he found that seniors deficient in this vital hormone coped less well with stress and had lower problem solving skills than those with higher levels of the hormone. This is also a symptom which is clearly present in patients suffering from various depressive disorders.

Human Growth Hormone and Depressive Disorders

Depressive disorders are very common in seniors and it has long been thought they were caused by general age related health problems plus loss of social contacts in old age. However, Dr Bengt-Ake Bengtsson from the Sahlgrenska Hospital, found that many depressed seniors had low levels of HGH, and suspected there was a connection with depression.

He started to treat a control group with Human Growth Hormone and found that the hormone seemed to have the ability to reverse depression, and chronic fatigue which is often associated with depression in seniors. It has long been accepted that HGH can help to raise endorphin levels which helps to improve mood and increase energy levels. During the study patients levels of dopamine were monitored and it was discovered that levels of dopamine showed an improved balance. This lead to better sleeping patterns and increased the feel good factor in all of the patients. Furthermore, patients immune response improved and they were better equipped to fight of infections such as viruses.

The results clearly indicate there is a link between Human Growth Hormone and depressive disorders. It is still vital to obtain a proper clinical diagnosis and identify if there are any other causes or risks which may affect the person’s depressive state. If, there does not seem to be any other psychological or physiological underlying causes such as a brain injury, treatment with Human Growth Hormone may be a perfectly safe alternative. No negative side effects were recorded in the control group, and HGH is now becoming an increasingly popular treatment in Sweden for health problems related to aging such as depressive disorders.

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