How to Transport, Store and Inject Human Growth Hormone

The Human Growth Hormone is a topic that has generated quite a lot of hype due to its favourable properties.So what exactly is Human Growth Hormone, this is a hormone naturally produced by the body specifically the pituitary gland.It is responsible for cells growth and cell regeneration; hence it can increase bone density and muscles. Human Growth Hormone can be harvested from the human body and preserved so that it can be injected into the body later.Though injections act as a temporary solutions since its remains active in the human blood stream.This is how the Human Growth Hormone is used to enhance performance by sports personalities.

How to transport Human Growth Hormone

The Human Growth Hormone secreted from the human is very delicate.Therefore, handling with care is needed. This hormone being quite fragile, it needs to be transported under certain conditions. These conditions are;

The hormone should be protected from light and heat.It is advisable to transport it in a refrigerator with the condition of 36 – 46 degrees Celsius and 2-6 degrees Centigrade.However, if you are using JTPN or SAIZEN products, you will not be required to use a refrigerator.The other brands of the Human Growth Hormone need to be transported in a cooler.

When transporting Human Growth Hormone. it should be kept in disposable syringes, disposal container and alcohol swabs when storing to ensure that the temperature of the hormone is well maintained.

How to store Human Growth Hormone 

Human Growth Hormone also needs to be stored under certain conditions and measures.These include;

Ensure you store the reconstituted vial of the hormone in a place that is firm, and there are no constant shaking of the hormone in the storage equipment. Store the reconstituted vial of the hormone in the refrigerator by do not let it freeze, however you can remove it from the refrigerator for not less than 12 hours. 

How to inject Human Growth Hormone 

When injecting the Human Growth Hormone, you must be careful since it is very sensitive any little miss doing can make it ineffective to your body.These are how to inject the Human Growth Hormone correctly.

Choose the best and most conducive spot for the subcutaneous injection.This must be a spot that is the most convenient, easiest and which your body is most comfortable.The most advisable place is usually the belly. However, avoid the area around the belly button. After you choose your spot, ensure that you clean it with a disinfectant using cotton wool and before you give the injection ensure your spot is dry.

Make a fold on the spot you intend to drive in the injection, do this with the hand holding the needle.Now use your dominant hand to turn in the needle at the folded spot.Ensure you firmly hold the needle in such a way that you can perpendicularly insert the needle into your body tissue.The needle should be inserted at a 90 degree angel.Now slowly inject the fluid in the into your body tissue. When done, remove the needle.Lastly, use a clean cotton wool piece that is already dipped in a disinfectant to clean the spot.

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