Hormone regulation

Hormone regulation

Endocrine glands: the difference between human and exocrine glands

Data two
 Experiment 1: Destroyed the thyroid gland and found that the cockroach stopped developing and could not develop into a frog.
 Experiment 2: On the basis of the first experiment, thyroid hormone was placed in the water of the rearing tank, and it was found that the sputum that destroyed the thyroid gland developed into a frog.
 Experiment 3: Put thyroid hormone in the water that feeds normal cockroaches, then cockroaches become frogs in advance, but the frogs are only flies.

Information three
 Experiment 1: After the dog was removed from the pancreas, glucose appeared in the urine and some symptoms of the diabetic patient appeared.

 Experiment 2: The pancreatic duct of a normal dog was ligated and it was found that most of the pancreas was atrophied. Only the inner cells were alive, and the islets were alive, and no glucose appeared in the urine.

 Experiment 3: Canadian scientist Banting extracted insulin from the dog’s islets and used insulin to treat diabetic dogs with success.

The role of several nuptropin hormones and the symptoms of deficiency

Relationship between hormonal regulation and neuromodulation
         What happens to your psychological feelings and physical condition when you are particularly excited or in danger?

         The life activities of the human body are mainly regulated by the nervous system, but are also affected by hormone regulation.

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