The difference between peptide hormones and steroids

The difference between peptide hormones and steroids

Simply put, the drugs used in bodybuilding are nothing more than two major categories, namely steroids and peptide hormones. Their common role in bodybuilding is to improve the body’s anabolic functions and accelerate recovery after physical training. In sports other than bodybuilding, although the categories of drugs are also in these two categories, the purpose is different. For example, for weightlifters, it is usually better to not increase weight, that is, drugs. It does not have anabolic effects while improving strength and improving recovery after training, because weightlifting is divided according to body weight. The smaller the weight, the greater the weight of lifting, the more advantageous it is for athletic athletes. Explosiveness and endurance mean everything, such as sprinting and the explosiveness of some field events, which determine the performance, and endurance is crucial for mid-length runners and long-distance runners.

Our drug talks on this bodybuilding mission are still around the use of bodybuilding drugs. For everyone, we usually develop some misunderstandings of drugs and popularize some basic drug knowledge.

To illustrate the difference between white peptide hormones and steroids, let us briefly explain what peptide hormones and steroids are. Peptide hormones are all composed of amino acids, such as our common growth hormone HGH, which is composed of 191 amino acids, and insulin is also a common peptide hormone widely used in diabetic patients, insulin is composed of 51 amino acids. According to the specific structure. Quite simply, different amounts of amino acids are combined in different ways, their function is different, and the essence of the hormone after the composition is a protein polypeptide molecule. This is the reason why peptide hormones can not be taken orally, because the oral administration of this protein peptide molecule, the body will consider it as a protein nutrient for digestion and absorption, without letting its function be reflected. The most common use of peptide hormones is subcutaneous injection. Subcutaneous injection sounds a little scary. Simply put, peptide hormones are injected into the body’s fat layer instead of being injected into the muscles, allowing peptide hormones to be fat. Slow diffusion in the layer to the human body. At present, the most common peptide hormone in the sports field and the bodybuilding field belongs to the riptropin growth hormone HGH. The growth hormone is a hormone secreted by the human hypothalamus to allow the body to have a growth function. We are between adolescents and adolescents. It will secrete a large amount of growth hormone and grow the body, and the amount of growth hormone will decrease in adulthood. Between 36 and 38 years old, the pineal gland of the human hypothalamus will degenerate and the growth hormone will stop secreting. . The function of using growth hormone in bodybuilding is not for the growth of muscles. More bodybuilders and drug users use growth hormone for the purpose of reducing fat. Yes, yes, growth hormone has a good lipolysis effect. When it enters the body, it can oxidize and decompose more fat in the body, while protecting the glycogen in the muscle. The simple understanding is that the original energy mechanism is derived from the storage of glycogen into fat derived from the body, so that more heat comes from fat. Another great use of growth hormone outside of bodybuilding is anti-aging. It has a very significant anti-aging function, which makes the skin shiny and makes people look younger and younger. The anabolic function of growth hormone (commonly known as the function of long muscles) is not very powerful, only in the case of large doses.

However, we mentioned earlier that it is a good effect of growth hormone, but we must not forget that since hormones have adverse effects on the human body, growth hormone is also the same. For many young bodybuilders, while using growth hormone It will inhibit the secretion of its own growth hormone, and the use of large doses of growth hormone will allow the body to grow in all directions, including the growth of soft tissue, so there is the legendary side effect of auxin – acromegaly. In addition, some of them are sensitive to auxin. When used in large doses, they also cause the growth of internal organs, especially the intestines. The external manifestation is that the stomach is bulging outwards, and even the abdominal muscles are opened. This reminds us of it. Ronnie Cullman, a great bodybuilder who has retired. His size is very beautiful among the big bodybuilders. He also contributed to bodybuilding, but we have to admit that his waist is really a lot after he became a professional bodybuilder. If you look at Ronnie early You will find that he does not have such a problem.

The steroid hormone is actually a sex hormone. In general, it is a molecule similar to or the same as the testosterone molecule. The steroid can act on the nucleus of muscle cells to allow muscle cells to fix more protein volume and obtain relatively fast. Peripheral growth (usually a 12-week steroid cycle gains the equivalent of 2 to 3 years of natural bodybuilding). As mentioned earlier, peptide hormones also have some muscle growth effects, but they have different mechanisms. Peptide hormones promote cell replication and division, that is, one muscle cell in the past splits into two muscle cells by stimulation of peptide hormones. In terms of quantity growth, it is said that peptide hormones have a growth effect although they are not as obvious as steroids, but muscle growth is often maintained.

Then we usually say that people with liver damage (high transaminase levels) should use steroids very carefully, so what kind of people are not suitable for peptide hormones? Very simple, people with a history of genetic tumors can’t use it. In other words, peptide hormones accelerate good cell division and replication, such as muscle cells and liver cells. (Yes, peptide hormones such as auxin are good for many internal organs. Cause), but peptide hormones also accelerate the body’s poor cell differentiation such as cancerous cells. In fact, although the current science can’t cure cancer, one thing is very clear. When a person is afraid that early benign cancer is detected, this cancer has slowly occurred in the body for 6 to 8 years. . Early canceration is very small, so it cannot be detected by medical equipment, but the extent to which it can be detected is actually a relatively large area of ​​cancer.

We can scientifically understand drugs and understand drugs from various angles, and even use drugs very well. But let’s not forget, in fact, the most difficult thing to understand is your own body. Therefore, drugs have different risks for different people, and there is no cost. In a word: drugs are not safe, take care.

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