5 emotional hormones

Five love hormones: dopamine, norepinephrine, endorphin, phenyltomide, and the post-pituitary lobe hormone. In short, benzodiazepines make people fall in love, and dopamine conveys a message of euphoria and joy. Norepinephrine makes people in love feel like they’re going to be in a relationship. Endorphins can keep both lovers happy. The post-pituitary lobe hormone is a key hormone that controls love loyalty.


  1. One of the most basic love substances is called “phenylethylamine”(phenylethylamine), or PEA for short.

Whether it’s love at first sight, or long-term love, as long as you let the mind produce enough PEAs,then love also produces, as the saying goes, that “call”   feeling is a masterpiece of PEA.  Interestingly, when a person is at risk, tension can also increase the level of PEA secretion. This means that when a person is in danger, the likelihood of feeling is raised. That’s why couples!  Always like to watch ghost movies together!


In fact, PEA is a neurostimulant that gives a sense of extreme excitement and more energy, confidence and courage. Because of the role of PEA, people’s breathing and heartbeat will accelerate, the heart will accelerate, the palm of the sweat, red face, especially whether the pupil will enlarge the display of true love or perfunctory the best standard.


People in love like the Sea Oath Mountain League. Willing to love the love on nine days to take the moon, the next five oceans to catch. This cannot really be said to be a deliberate deception, because in the promise, a deep-seated person will really believe that they have such ability. The unprecedented expansion of self-confidence is one of the side effects of PEA.  Another side effect is the ability to create prejudice and persistence and lose the ability to think objectively. Firmly believe that their choice is correct, only see what they like, is the so-called lover’s eyes out of Xishi. A Swiss scientist at the University of London, who has recruited young men and women who claim to be in a hot relationship as volunteers to use magnetic resonance imaging to record their brain activity, shows that when they see pictures of their lovers, four specific areas of the brain experience a sudden increase in blood flow, while the part of the brain responsible for memory and attention is inhibited, so that men and women in love are naturally “stupid.”


To  show that “love makes people silly”    is equal to all people regardless of race, he selects volunteers from 11 different countries.


Chocolate is indeed the best love food, and its PEA content is the most of any food. So there’s a science about sending your lover chocolate.


PEA(phenylethytlyamine) is naturally synthesized by the human body, and there is another substance called phenylistamine, which is synthetic, from the chemical structure of the two substances are very close, its efficacy is quite close. The commodity name of amphetamine is well known – amphetamines(amphetamine), a stimulant in thecentral nervous system, is also a well-known drug, the main component of ecstasy is this substance.


2.(Dopamine) Sense of security,  satisfaction


Another important love substance is dopamine(dopamine, also known as “Dobamin”, whose full name is hydroxytyramine),which  produces a very cheerful feeling. Dopamine is a precursor to the biosynthesis of norepinephrine, which is a central delivery;  It can increase the contraction force of the heart muscle and increase the output of the heart. Cerebral vascular dilation and increased blood flow. There is mild constriction to the surrounding blood vessels, raising arterial blood pressure. One of the effects of dopamine is to stimulate the secretion of oxytocin(post-prosyloid oxyprogensin), a hormone n that affects women’s childbirth and breastfeeding, and has the effect of eliminating stress and depression. It is generally believed that the sense of security and satisfaction felt during hugging is inextricably linked to this hormone.


The cause of Parkinson’s disease is the lack of   “dopamine” (dopamine)in the patient’s brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that acts like a “transmitter”  in thebrain, transmitting commands from the nervous system to the muscles, directing them to work. Without dopamine, nerve control commands cannot be communicated, so there will be a phenomenon of hands and feet disobedient. People with too much dopamine tend to discover the meaning of chance and piece together meanings and patterns in vain. Peter Bruggerin Prague revealed the findings at a meeting of the European Federation of Neuroscience Societies in Paris at the end ofJune.  The third love substance, called norepinephrine,”hasa powerful vassal and nerve conduction that causes higher blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels.  The so-called heartbeat sensation is norepinephrine at work.


When your mind is full of these love materials, it is also when you are confused. But unfortunately. In the human body these love substances can not always be  at a high level, the human body’s self-regulating ability is very strong, always try to adjust the human body’s state back to normal conditions. Once the material of love disappears. People also recover from this state of intoxication, or, as we often say, lose the feeling of love. Depending on the individual and the environment, the peak concentration of PEA in general can last between 6 months and 4 years or so, with an average of less than 30 months (2.5 years). This is very close to the data from the sociological survey.



Five love hormones: dopamine, norepinephrine, endorphin, phenyltomide, and the post-pituitary lobe hormone. In short, benzodiazepines make people fall in love, and dopamine conveys a message of euphoria and joy. Norepinephrine makes people in love feel like they’re going to be in a relationship. Endorphins can keep both lovers happy. The post-pituitary lobe hormone is a key hormone that controls love loyalty.


3.endorphin(endorphin) marriage


All  people who have had a relationship know that love should have something else besides passion. After a roaring love, we need another love substance, endorphin (endorphin)  to fill the passion. The effect of endorphins is very close to that of another drug,  morphine, a sedative. It can reduce anxiety and give people a sense of comfort, warmth, intimacy, and calm.


Scientists point out that exercise allows the brain to release the emotional element endorphins,which makes people happy and energetic, and the more you exercise, the more intense the feeling;  The feeling of endorphins is completely different from substances such as PEA, which make us like  being  inlove,and the former makesus likElove. While this is not exciting and exciting, this warm feeling can make people hidden. Generally speaking, the longer a marriage exists, the stronger the state will be. One of the big reasons for this is that the couple is used to the peace of the morphine.  It seems that the key to long-lasting love is to secrete enough endorphins before passionate substances such as  PEA subside.


Obviously, the effect of endorphins is completely different from that of love hormones such as PEA, and perhaps we can call endorphin  as a marriage hormone. Marriage hormones begin to play a leading role after the level of love hormones drops. The material basis of marriage does not necessarily require the involvement of the material of love.


Just as some people are born with a hard time being touched by love, some people simply can’t get enough endorphins to settle themselves down. Their love life is made up of a series of love-break-ups, which are the fluctuations of  the material of love, typically 6 months to 4 years. If they don’t get married, then extramarital love becomes a necessity. It’s not so much that they have a wave-setting attitude to life as a morbid sign that it’s more appropriate to call them love addicts.


Love addicts pursue the kind of intoxication and madness that love brings, but when the initial love hormone secretion climax, they will feel unprecedented loss, so they have to find new objects again to achieve the next passion and satisfaction. It’s like human resistance to stimulants. As their bodies get used to increasing lymes of PEA, these love addicts find that they can’t feel the impact of love as they did at the beginning.


4.(Norepinephrine,NE or NA)


Strong vassal and nerve conduction can cause higher blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels. The so-called heartbeat sensation is norepinephrine at work. It can make people in love feel like they are moving. The principle is that norepinephrine has a powerful vassal and nerve conduction, which can lead to higher blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels.


Of course, any substance has a process of production and extinction. If the above hormones disappear, people will wake up, that is, the love between lovers lost passion. But if the human body secretes endorphins to make up for it, it can produce a long-standing new solid love affair!


5.vasopressin(post-leaf pressure hormone / post-pituitary prolous hormone)


Animal experiments have been shown to show that male rats injected with vasopressin(post-leaf pressure hormone / pituitary repithormones) are more interested in mating females than other female stakes, and are more aggressive in the face of other male wild mice’s affections on their partners. The injection of the pituitary back hormone into the mouse can cause an erection, and in recent years several American experts (such as Sue Carter and Thomas Insel)have tried to compare the ‘partner   relationship’   to the most unstable mountain mice. The induction of the pituitary glandhormone(vasopressin)is strong, while themountain mouse is the opposite, and once the above hormones are interfered with during mating in the ground hogs, it is not appropriate to combine as a mate after mating, and once the hormone induction gene is transplanted into the mountain mouse, the mountain mouse is more willing to assume social responsibility and spousal responsibility. These experiments suggest that even chastity, loyalty, may be a slave to biochemistry.


If the chemical reactions described above do also have an effect on relationships between men and women, the resulting relationship should be emotional, even if couples are not conscious of where their attraction comes from. According to the general public’s description of the s, the spectral range from palliative stress to the effect sempanos and gratitude seems to be infinitely large, and unfortunately everyone is unable to reach as many potential objects as possible during the time-to-mate period due to the limitations of space-time. Thus, if other factors other than , the possibility of exposure to other “feel-good”  objects is infinite, as soon as the spouse is selected (whether or not the marriage is entered into), and then as the conditions  of time and space change. In addition, everyone’s physical changes, such as the vasopressin hormone, can lead to changes in taste, and we believe that monogamy is a behavior worth advocating, both traditionally and morally. Humans need this vasopressin hormone and a safe and secure partner may be due to the fact that the pregnancy process is so long that the child grows slowly, so stable partnerships contribute to the safe growth and continuation of the race. In the process of studying several post-pituitary lobe hormones, the scholars unfortunately found that the secretion and induction of these hormones that dominate emotions is not eternal, often, in the case of changes in space-time conditions, their supply and induction will be relatively increased or decreased.


Dr. Theresa L. Crenshaw studied the role of vasopressin hormones in the human body. She believes that human touch raises levels of the post-pituitary loe hormone, which promotes a feeling of love. Synthetic pituitary prolous hormones can be used to treat depression and compulsive behavior.


In her recent new book, Dr. Kim, a sexologist, notes that sexual attraction is related to the chemicals we produce, in addition to the endorphins that make us happy, such as monomines,serotonin, we are in love, and that once we have passed the period of love, these chemicals fade away and we lose the loss or excitement of love. However, we will also enter a period of dependency: men and women depend on each other and develop more mature relationships. This time oxytocin(post-procemenomenome, one of the post-pituitary hormones in the pituitary gland) or vasopressin(post-leaf pressure hormone / pituitary procenosis hormone) will make us feel calm and satisfied.


However, some scholars believe that pheromones(pheromones) are the main reason for the influence of attractiveness. Some people even refer to it as a “love elixir” because few animals can resist their power, even insects. As it turns out, as long as a little pheromonesare applied to  the mother,all the male storks will not suppress their libido and  run toward the mother, even if there is a barrier in the middle.


Pheromones is powerful, but humans seem to have gone to the next level, developing a more special sexual organ, the VNO. According to a professor of human anatomy,VNO hides in the bones at the top of our noses, which is the best detector that helps us search for the other half. Because VNO can help us smell the pheromonesthat the opposite sex emits, it makes usobsessed with each other. Experts also found that men’s VNOs are particularly sensitive to steroids on women’s skin, whereas women have similar feelings towardmen. So, foreign perfume companies use this finding to open new perfume products, and its secret formula is not in women’s perfumes, emphasizing too much feminine characteristics, but adding a little male -type solid(steroid),the effect is certainly excellent.


In short, benzodiazepines make people fall in love, and dopamine conveys a message of euphoria and joy. Norepinephrine makes people in love feel like they’re going to be in a relationship. Endorphins can keep both lovers happy. The post-pituitary lobe hormone is a key hormone that controls love loyalty.


The true meaning of love:


Love is the need for passion, when the passion fades after love needs to become rational, become a social responsibility, a kind of pay … Let love sublimate into family, the greatest thing in the world is actually affection, each other become relatives, let love serve as seasoning, then the happy life of the two people will be white-headed old. The hand of the deacon and the son-in-law that is how strong the affection ah, both of them both spiritually and physically have reached the realm of integration and two-in-one.


Many people always feel that there is love before marriage after marriage did not, in fact, it is only sublimation for the family when people always pursue love pursuit of fresh and exciting, but ignore the affection is the home of love.


How long is love? Is there eternal love?


Can love really last forever?


Scientists have found the answer to this ancient question. PeA,dopamine, norepinephrine, endorphins, andvasopressin are all substances that affect love.  In general, peak concentrations of PEA can last from 6 months to  4 years or so, with an average of less than 30 months (2.5 years). This is very close to the data from the sociological survey. Don’t try to save the heart of the changer, this time his love for you has been consumed clean.


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