Why is the child not tall? Be careful, these may be the reasons!

Recently, a reader left a message to ask: “My father and I are not tall. Will the child inherit our height genes? Is there any way to make the child grow taller?”

This is also a concern for many parents.

What are the main reasons why the child is not tall?

  1. Genetic factors

Parents are short, and the average child is also short. Genetic factors affect about 70% of the body, and there are not many corresponding treatments.

  1. Factors of physical illness

Pituitary diseases leading to inadequate growth hormone secretion, endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism, mucopolysaccharidosis and other genetic and metabolic diseases, trisomy 21, chronic malnutrition, chronic liver diseases, chronic kidney diseases, severe anemia Respiratory tract infections, low birth weight, etc., can affect the growth of children’s height.

Somatic diseases involve many factors and are complicated. You need to go to the hospital for a detailed examination to determine the cause and carry out the corresponding treatment. For example, if the secretion of growth hormone alone is insufficient, you can choose to supplement growth hormone appropriately.

  1. Bad habits

Too late to sleep
The most vigorous secretion of human growth hormone is from 11 o’clock in the evening to 4 o’clock in the morning. If you fall asleep during this time, it can help to exert the physiological effects of growth hormone and promote height development.

However, there are now quite a few children who do not develop proper sleep habits. Too late to fall asleep, missed the time of growth hormone secretion, resulting in slow development of height.

Stay at home
Sun exposure can accelerate the synthesis of vitamin D in the body, improve the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, promote the growth and development of children, and prevent anemia and rickets.

When exercising, especially walking, running, jumping and other sports, it will pull the joints and force the long bones of the body, thereby stimulating the development of cartilage at both ends of the bones, stimulating the body to secrete growth hormone, which helps children grow taller.

Under the influence of their parents, some children do not like to go out and sit in front of digital products such as computers for a long time. Neither exercise nor the sun, over time, height development has been affected.

In addition, some novice parents will not guide their children to exercise, resulting in the child’s development of standing and walking is very slow.

  1. Mental factors

Such as family breakdown or disharmony, abandonment, abuse, etc. can affect the growth hormone secretion of the child and lead to short stature.

What are some ways to make children grow taller?

Ensure adequate sleep, go to bed before 10:30 in the evening, and ensure that you have at least 8 hours of sleep every day.
Seize the peak of growth. The height of the majority of Chinese Han children is about 12 years old for girls and 14 years old for boys. In order to make children grow taller, parents should pay special attention to nutrition and exercise issues during their rapid growth period.
If the child has bad habits of picky eating, it should be corrected in time and a balanced diet. It is recommended to eat more foods rich in protein: such as fish, shrimp, lean meat, eggs, soy products, dairy products, etc.
Appropriate supplementation of oral solutions of zinc and calcium for children to strengthen the supplementation of trace elements and minerals.
Go outdoors to sunbathe. If the weather is not good for a long time, you need to take vitamin D orally.
Do physical exercise every day, especially to choose some jumping sports, such as skipping rope, playing basketball, etc.
Finally, parents are reminded that they should give targeted strategies based on their own conditions and living environment. Try to avoid comparing your child with other children, thereby causing unnecessary worry.

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