Taking the opportunity to grow a few more centimeters for you child

From the moment the child arrives, I believe that every parent wants their child to be tall and tall and have a pair of long legs, which not only looks attractive from the figure, but also occupies some advantages in life. The child’s body is changing all the time, as parents should pay more attention to some changes of the child, because some changes of the child may herald the height of the child to the final sprint period, let us take a look at the following situations.

The child starts to grow horizontally

When a child enters puberty, height will also be in a very critical period, because the body’s needs, the child’s meal has increased is also a normal phenomenon, but the child’s eating habits are difficult to change independently, when maintaining this large amount When eating, if the growth of height enters a stagnation state, the nutrients required for height will decrease. At this time, the child’s excessive nutrition will usually lead to obesity.

Childhood obesity is one of the reasons for inhibiting height growth, and it is also one of the key reasons for inducing precocious puberty, and precocious puberty leads to early body development, so that the growth cycle is compressed and prone to underdevelopment. During the normal development of a child, nutrition is given priority to the height. If parents find that the child ’s height is not very high, but the weight is getting heavier, when the whole person grows horizontally, you should pay attention to it. This may be A sign that the child’s height has stopped growing.

The height of the child is getting smaller and smaller

When the child enters the second half of puberty, the increase in height will also slow down. I know that there is no fixed time to stop growing, but there is a certain precursor to the arrival of this time. It needs to be observed and recorded by ordinary parents. Parents can measure the height of their children every other month, record it, and draw it into a curve table. If the trend of the curve table gradually slows down and becomes almost straight, you can roughly guess that the height may have stopped growing Too.

The child’s facial features basically no longer change

Relevant data shows that changes in the child’s facial features are also a sex characteristic of changes in life. The child’s facial features are changing, and usually the height is also developing. If the child’s facial features do not change a year or even a few years, then the child’s height may also stop developing.

Parents pay attention to these points, it is not a dream for children to grow a few centimeters taller

  1. Guarantee your child’s sleep

Studies have found that children secrete more growth hormone at night than during the day, and during deep sleep at night, growth hormone will reach a peak, which can be five times higher than during the day. It is recommended that children of different ages sleep as follows: the daily sleep time of preschool children needs to be guaranteed at 10-12 hours, the daily sleep time of elementary school students needs to be guaranteed at 10 hours, and the sleep time of junior and high school students is best to maintain In 8-10 hours.

  1. Ensure your child’s balanced diet

During the height of the child, the body’s demand for calcium is very large, so parents must ensure that the child has sufficient calcium, but it does not mean that as long as the child supplements calcium, protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin D are also needed , Vitamin A and other nutrients are added together to ensure a comprehensive and balanced nutrition.

Moderate exercise

When the human body is exercising, the blood circulation and metabolic function in the body are accelerated, thereby stimulating the division and proliferation of chondrocytes, thereby promoting the secretion of growth hormone. Therefore, exercise is also an important way to stimulate the growth of growth hormone. In addition to supplementing the nutrition of the child, the necessary exercise is also indispensable. Jumping skipping rope, playing basketball, etc. can promote children’s height and absorption of calcium. In addition, it can also prevent children from being obese because they eat too well, and eventually lead to obesity to induce precocious puberty in children and affect their height.

If you want your child to have a pair of big long legs, then parents should seize the opportunity in the above situations, and the child may not even jump a few centimeters.

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