Is it really necessary to give children growth hormone?

Every parent hopes that their son will be tall and straight in the future, while their daughter will be tall and slender. Once they find that their baby is shorter than their peers, they will start to be anxious. They will try to find ways to find the remedy, and they want their child to catch up with their height, even if they don’t mind giving their child growth hormone.

Can growth hormone hit?

There is no simple “yes” or “no” answer to this question, because it depends on the child and how the hormone works.

Hormones are “chemical signals” secreted by our bodies that regulate our metabolism and physiological activities.For example, hormones act as an “order” when a factory receives an order and starts producing a product.In other words, it takes just a little bit of hormone to make our bodies move a lot.So, normally, the amount of hormones in our bodies increases and decreases as the environment changes, maintaining a dynamic balance that keeps our bodies healthy.But too much or too little of certain hormones can upset the balance, making people sick and even dying.Foreign hormones can also tip the balance and cause health problems.

And growth hormone, it is a kind of peptide hormone secreted by human pituitary gland, it can promote the liver and other tissues to produce insulin-like growth factor, to promote bone growth, improve body anabolism and protein synthesis, and these functions, exactly with the growth of children inseparable.See here some parents may think, since so good that to the child dozen, unfortunately things are not so simple.If the child itself secrete normal still inject growth hormone, easy to break the balance, cause the abnormal growth of bone and viscera, atherosclerosis, hypertension, acromegaly and other health problems.Therefore, growth hormone should never be misused.

Instead, parents should consult a doctor if they are concerned about their child’s size.Doctors will be based on the child’s height curve, bone age, growth hormone levels and other factors, judge whether the child is suffering from growth hormone deficiency, injection of growth hormone whether the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, then can decide whether to use growth hormone.

Is it really necessary to give children growth hormone?

Is there any way to grow taller without hitting growth hormone?

Of course can.

Perhaps some parents will feel that their couple are not tall, the height of the children is not there is no hope?No, Jeremy Lin is not tall among professional basketball players at 1.91 meters, but his father is only 1.68 meters tall and his mother is only 1.60 meters tall. He is above his height, and he does not use any growth hormone.

In order to reverse this, and remove the genetic mutations that are so unreliable, the other reliable tips for getting taller are simple: nutrition, exercise, sleep.


The process of our growth is actually the process of digesting and absorbing food into nutrients and then synthesizing it into a part of our body.The so-called clever housewife cannot cook without rice, if the nutrition intake is not enough, unbalanced, then the child’s body will naturally grow slowly.For example, there have been cases in which children were given growth hormone, but nutrition failed to keep up, resulting in an undesirable increase in height.Here is to emphasize that many parents may know to give their children to eat more lean meat, milk, fruits and vegetables, and so on, there is no problem, but do not forget to give their children enough staple food, that is, rice, steamed buns and other food.Since children also need to expend energy when they grow, and this energy is mainly from staple food, staple food can account for half of the total food consumption for growing children.


Although cannot casually give the child dozen growth hormone, but appropriate exercise, can stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, can better help the child grow tall.For Lin, exercise is of course basketball, but for kids, the better exercise is stretching and endurance.For example, gymnastics, dancing, jumping rope, vertical jumping, stretching and so on are all good exercises.In addition, it is good exercise for children to run and jump freely outdoors.It is important to note that young children are not suitable for weight training, which is not good for their physical development and may even cause joint damage.


Now many parents have realized the importance of sleep, know the child sleeping of time is the peak of growth hormone secretion, but also parents are a bit error, think children growth hormone secretion peak is at 10 PM and 2 am, or other specific time, if the child can’t in this so-called “rush hour” to go to bed before, parents will be remorse, led to unnecessary anxiety.

Is it really necessary to give children growth hormone?

In fact, growth hormone is not always secreted at a uniform rate, but has its rhythm, but this rhythm is by no means on time, but closely related to the child’s sleep state.We know that sleep is divided into deep sleep and light sleep, which alternate during sleep, and that the peak of growth hormone occurs during the child’s deep sleep.So what we need to focus on is not the time before the child must go to bed, but how to improve the child’s sleep quality, so that the proportion of deep sleep is higher.Specifically, children can be allowed to go to bed earlier, because the later you sleep, the higher the proportion of light sleep, in addition, during the day appropriate exercise, keep the sleep environment dark and quiet, do not eat before bed, etc., all help to improve the child’s sleep quality, increase the proportion of deep sleep, promote growth hormone secretion.

In short, if the child’s growth curve is within the normal range, parents should still give priority to nutrition, exercise, and sleep promotion, so that the child can use the growth hormone produced by his body to become taller.

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