Man has diabetes for 30 years, his blood sugar is stable and there are no complications. His secret of reducing blood sugar is worth learning

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic problem that is very common now. Many people know that it is difficult to completely cure it. It is very good to control blood sugar without any concurrent problems, but it is easy to say. Very few people can do it. Today’s article will share with you a sugar friend’s experience in successfully reducing blood sugar. What method did he use? Perhaps it is worth learning by reference.

Uncle Li has been 70 this year. It ’s been 30 years since he had this problem, but his blood sugar is relatively stable, and he has never had any concurrency problems. People in the same community are very envious of him and ask him for advice. There is no knack, just insist on doing the following things.

Taking regular antihyperglycemic drugs every day, he did not reject it, but actively cooperated with the advice of professionals. At this point, many sugar friends may not do very well. Some people think that the blood sugar level is stable, so they don’t eat it. This is wrong.

It is important to control weight. Uncle Li used to be fatter, but since his blood sugar was high, he and his wife kept exercising every day. Half an hour after dinner, the two went to the community park to exercise, walking and playing Tai Chi in exchange for two kinds of sports, basically never stopped, after having a granddaughter, took her to stroll together.

In terms of diet, Uncle Li also forced himself to quit some bad habits in the past. He did not touch cigarettes and alcohol, and he no longer eats big fish and meat. He eats vegetables and a small amount of fruits every day. Sweet potatoes replace rice, buns and noodles with a high glycemic index.

He also developed a good habit of drinking tea, not to drink strong tea and herbal tea, which not only helps to reduce sugar, but also the halitosis caused by Uncle Li’s smoking for many years has gradually disappeared.

Uncle Li ’s son bought him a smart phone, but Uncle Li never stayed up late to play with his phone. He fell asleep before 10 o’clock every night. He might not be able to play with his phone, but anyway, to ensure adequate sleep, there is Helps control blood sugar.

Uncle Li’s mentality is also better. Although he was also worried at first, he was better able to adjust himself. He usually laughs every day. He often plays chess with friends, talks and laughs, and participates in some activities in the community, as if he did not have this problem. Uncle Li said that fear is useless, and he must take the initiative to reduce blood sugar to normal as soon as possible to avoid a series of concurrent problems.

In addition to these, he also regularly monitors his blood sugar level. He also specially prepared a book to record the data and date of each monitoring in detail, so that he can grasp and adjust it in time. Every time the monitoring results are developing in a good direction, it also gives him a firmer belief.

It is easy to stick to these habits for one day and two days, and it is not difficult to stick to January and February. The difficulty is that he can stick to it like Uncle Li. Although his blood sugar has dropped below 6, he still has a sense of worry, and there is no I am complacent, but continue to maintain his lifestyle.

Although Uncle Li’s experience in reducing blood sugar may not be fully applicable to every sugar friend, I believe there are still many points worth learning from. If you can persist in it, your blood sugar will gradually decline.

In short, although the impact of high blood sugar on the body is not fatal, if it is not controlled properly, it will easily cause a series of concurrency problems, which will have a great impact. If you can also control your mouth and open your legs , Maintain a good attitude, regularly monitor blood sugar, etc., your blood sugar may be obedient.

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