Father-in-law is great! Trump’s son-in-law praised the government’s anti-virus

On Wednesday, Jared Kushner (pictured above), son-in-law and senior adviser to President Donald Trump, praised the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic as a “great success story.” Less than a day before he issued the above statement, more than 1 million coronavirus cases were diagnosed in the United States.

On Wednesday morning, Kushner painted an optimistic picture for Fox and Friends. He said, “The federal government has met the (viral) challenge, which is a great success story (great success) story), I think this is really what needs to be told. “

When asked about the level of coronavirus detection in the United States, Kushner said that the question should not be why it took so long, but “how did we do it so quickly?”

Kushner also predicted that by July this year, things would become “incredible.”

He said: “May will be a transitional month … I think you will see that by June, many places should return to normal, and hope that by July, this country will really be revived again.”

Trump also tried to reconstruct claims about the growing number of coronavirus cases and deaths. At present, the death toll of coronavirus has reached 61,000, which has exceeded the death toll of the US military during the Vietnam War.

On Wednesday afternoon, Trump said that other countries “do not have the ability to do what we are doing.” Coronavirus testing. Although 1 million people infected with coronavirus sounds bad, it “shows that our testing is excellent.”

“So, we reached 1 million cases, which is a huge number, the reason is the test, because other countries do not test. If you do not test, you will not find the case,” Trump said.

Trump also seems to have noticed Kushner’s disappointment with the federal government that he was not praised. He called Kushner “genius.”

However, some officials and public health experts from the two parties warned about the ability of coronavirus detection, and unanimously stated that the current detection work is not enough. At different stages of the crisis, they all reported insufficient laboratory capacity, resulting in long waiting times for results and lack of required testing materials, such as cotton swabs and reagents.

But inside the White House, Trump and his senior advisers are always annoyed that the government does not get people’s trust and approval.

Two people familiar with Kushner’s remarks told the media that Kushner had expressed disappointment in private in recent days. He believes that the federal government’s efforts in responding to the epidemic have not been sufficiently trusted.

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