“Played by America”! Australia explains the source of the virus, and the accountability team has a fierce internal fight

The United States, as the most powerful country in the world, always follows a number of allies. Australia is one of the strongest. In recent years, its voice in the world has always been based on the attitude of the United States, so it has also done a lot of “bad things”. Especially after the outbreak of the new crown, the United States is clamoring for compensation to China in order to shirk the responsibility Asia has not even formed an “accountability group”, but there is still a fierce internal fight between the United States and Australia on the issue of the new coronavirus. According to the Australian side, they think they have been fooled by the United States, and then they take the initiative to explain that the source of the virus is deliberately provided by the United States Embassy, resulting in the use of false information.
Some time ago, Australia claimed that it had evidence about the source of the virus and wanted to make a claim against China, but now they have begun to repent, saying that the documents of the source of the virus were provided by the United States, and it is not the so-called intelligence documents! The “evidence” mentioned is just some media reports, which is groundless “gossip”, which has a great possibility that the United States deliberately did it. Especially now, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio also began to change his nickname “uncertain about the specific source of the virus”. After 180 degrees of transformation, Australia became the target of public criticism. At this time, it realized that it had been betrayed and both sides could understand.
It is reported that after Australia announced this incident, the intelligence departments of various countries soon confirmed that they did find that these “confidential files” were not intelligence documents, they were just “frivolous news” that could be seen everywhere on the Internet. Before that, perhaps Australia believed too much in the United States and ignored it as evidence of overwhelming evidence. In particular, the U.S. previously proposed that the virus comes from the laboratory, which is more like Trump’s way of shirking his responsibility and diverting people’s attention. Australia has reason to suspect that trump is “using the knife to kill people” and what it has to do now is not to be involved in the US conspiracy as a “thug”. Prime Minister Morris, aware of the serious consequences of being ordered, has begun to take the initiative to completely withdraw from the “viral evidence” argument.
This time, Australia has quarreled with the United States. For such a long time, everyone should understand the beating nature of the United States. The principle of “giving priority to interests” will not change. In their eyes, Australia is an ally as well as a chess piece. Moreover, this year is the time point for the US presidential election. It is self-evident that trump is of great importance. He has done a lot of things against morality and justice. This time, Australia dares to denounce trump publicly for his “unscrupulous measures” for re-election, so it must be difficult for the relationship between the two countries to go back to the past.
The US Australia farce is not necessarily a bad thing for the whole world, maybe it will make the who more smooth in the later virus investigation, and the truth will come out as soon as possible! The mask of the United States will be lifted eventually. There are countless lies to cover up a lie, but there will always be a day when the lies are exposed! At last, I would like to advise it to do it and cherish it!

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