Liverpool and everton players will be tested for the virus in the next 24 hours

Everton and Liverpool players and staff will be tested for the coronavirus in the next 24 hours as plans to resume training gather pace.

Earlier this month, Liverpool reopened melwood for physical training with a limited number of players, while finch farm has been closed to everton players since before the premier league was officially suspended.

It is understood that the premier league will provide clubs with 40 test kits on a regular basis to test players and people in key positions. The premier league plans to let clubs test players twice a week.

A video conference will be held tomorrow morning and the 20 clubs will vote on a deal to resume “phase one” training.This phase will limit players’ participation in group training and will require them to keep their distance from members of the community.The team is expected to return to training on Tuesday or Wednesday if at least 14 premier league clubs show support.

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