International cooperation provides “acceleration” for R & D and production of new crown vaccine

At present, the world is looking forward to the early success of new crown vaccine research and development, and international cooperation can provide “acceleration” for all aspects of vaccine research and development and production, from basic research, clinical trials, to vaccine preparation, production and distribution. Extensive international cooperation from governments, international organizations, non-profit organizations, enterprises and other aspects can promote the rapid availability of vaccines, and contribute to the global fair access of vaccines after their advent.
Promote rapid availability of vaccines
In the battle with the new coronavirus, all aspects of vaccine research and development are driving in the “fast lane” compared with the past vaccine research and development.
According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, more than 120 kinds of vaccine candidates are currently under development in the world. According to the data provided by the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation of the United States, at present, there are four vaccines in clinical phase II trials, three vaccines are in clinical phase I and phase II trials at the same time, and two vaccines are in phase I trials.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia accelerator has been launched by the WHO initiative to accelerate the development, production and fair distribution of new crown vaccine, diagnostic and therapeutic tools.
“Vaccine research needs to strengthen coordination in identifying candidate vaccines and establishing guidelines for vaccine effectiveness and safety, so as to provide support for relevant certification in various countries Find the best way to eventually mass produce vaccines and vaccinate people. I am very pleased that the World Health Organization has established relevant mechanisms for this. ” Dr David Navarro, who director general’s new special envoy for response to the outbreak and co director of the Institute of global health innovation at Imperial College of technology, told Xinhua News Agency recently.
CEPI has also funded a number of vaccine research and development projects around the world since the outbreak of the new crown. As of May 11, the organization has funded nine projects, reaching $448 million. Richard Hackett, CEO of CEPI, said recently that there are three goals for developing new crown vaccines: speed, scale and accessibility: to develop vaccines as soon as possible; to face global demand after successful development of vaccines, to increase production scale; to use vaccines in rich countries, middle-income countries and poor countries all over the world.
Experts pointed out that in the face of the new global epidemic, a large supply of vaccines is needed to achieve broad coverage. This poses a great challenge to the production and distribution of vaccines after research and development. Strong international cooperation is needed to ensure the supply of vaccines.
Chinese enterprises have actively participated in the construction of global vaccine industry chain. For example, Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group has reached a cooperation intention with Germany’s biotechnology company, which will jointly promote the clinical trial and subsequent commercialization of new mRNA crown vaccine developed by biotechnology company in China.
“In the future, if China has a strong strength in vaccine production after the completion of vaccine research and development, it can help the world to increase the production scale of new crown vaccine faster, so as to protect healthy people from infection.” Xu Xiaoning, Professor of human immunology at Imperial College of technology, told Xinhua News Agency recently.
Ensure vaccine fairness and accessibility
Viruses have no borders and people all over the world have the right to equal access to vaccines. International cooperation helps to make vaccines fairly accessible on a global scale.
Recently, the 73rd World Health Assembly passed a resolution stressing that the global priority should be given to ensuring the equitable distribution of all the basic health technologies needed to cope with the new crown pandemic, and the new crown vaccine should be listed as a global public health product.
“With vaccines, if we want to achieve global universal immunization faster and more efficiently, there are extremely complex vaccine delivery issues that need to be coordinated and solved, from production capacity to price, to access and implementation of vaccination projects in various countries. So how to mass produce the new crown vaccine and make it available to the whole world is an issue that must be considered now. ” Li Yinuo, chief representative of the Gates Foundation’s Beijing Representative Office, said.
Because of backward technology and weak economic foundation, the people, marginalized and poor people in the underdeveloped areas are particularly vulnerable to the new crown epidemic. International multilateral organizations and mechanisms, including the G20, who, and the Alliance for innovation in epidemic prevention, are all working for equitable and accessible vaccine production, distribution and protection of marginalized people around the world.
“We need to have a fair global distribution system that will work for years after vaccine development. The system needs money, management and global support and collaboration. ” Hachett said that the pandemic in the world is cross-border, and it is impossible for each country to close itself up, so collective cooperation can solve the problem.
GAVI (Global Alliance for vaccines and immunization) has been committed to the promotion of vaccines in the world, especially in poor areas. At the global health and development media seminar, CEO Seth Berkeley said that in 2015, China has changed from a recipient country to a donor country. The high-quality and low-cost JE vaccine made in China has been provided to many countries in Southeast Asia. Refrigeration and storage technologies of Chinese enterprises such as Aucma and Haier also “China has played a very important role in the global vaccine work,” he said.

From providing international assistance to support countries affected by the epidemic, especially developing countries, to promising that China’s new crown vaccine will be a global public product after its R & D is completed and put into use, China has responded to the who’s initiative on global cooperation with practical actions, and made efforts to promote the fair distribution of related products and maintain global health security and fight against the epidemic.
“Although the virus seems to have temporarily torn open a gap in the international community, the common destiny of mankind is interdependence, not isolation. From this point of view, the significance of the new vaccine is not only to save people, but also to restore the global political and economic order. ” Li Yinuo said.

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