Japanese expert: novel coronavirus can be inactivated by deep ultraviolet ray, or used to prevent infection in hospital

Nishizaki university announced on May 27 that a joint experiment with a medical device manufacturer showed that the short-wave ultraviolet “deep ultraviolet LED” light developed by nishizaki was effective in reducing the infectivity of novel coronavirus and inactivating it.
The results are expected to be used to prevent infections in hospitals, the university said.

Researchers irradiated liquid containing novel coronavirus with ultraviolet light for 30 seconds and cultured it for 3 days, kyodo news agency reported Monday.

At present, there are reports that deep ultraviolet radiation is effective in removing allergenic substances, and is used in the day machine installed space bacteria deodorization device “Aeropure”.

Hiroko inagaki, an assistant professor in the department of medicine at miyazaki university who co-conducted the experiment, said people will need to combine materials to wash their hands and wear protective clothing in order to resume their daily lives.
Hopefully, the discovery will help.

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