“Novel Coronavirus Test requires only one eyeball in USA”

Reporter: To novel Coronavirus detection in America, you need only one eyeball.

Linda Tilrado, a journalist who was shot in the left eye by a rubber bullet at a protest in Minneapolis on May 29, has been left permanently blind.

In an interview with CBC News, Ms. Tilardo said, “I am an Uninsured American facing three major eye surgeries. On the plus side, I have finally done the Novel Coronavirus test. So in the United States you want to do the Coronavirus test with just one eye eyeball.”
“The problem is the system. In the United States, police have been allowed to kill black people and brown people with impunity. What I want to see is that this power structure can be changed.”

Earlier, the New York Times reported that during the wave of protests across the US, journalists were attacked in several places after revealing their identities to police.
Several reporters confirmed that us police fired rubber bullets with pepper bullets.
In Louisville, cameras caught police firing pepper bombs at a local television crew.
In Los Angeles, police fired rubber bullets at a radio reporter.
Meanwhile, on May 29, a black CNN reporter was arrested by police while on live television in Minneapolis. The arrest was clearly recorded.
Before his arrest, he had shown police papers identifying him as a journalist, but was still led away in handcuffs.
In addition, the cameraman and other staff were handcuffed and taken away in turn during the live broadcast. During the process of being taken away, the cameraman continued to broadcast live without stopping.

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