WHO calls for new crown vaccine to become global public product

WHO recently called for sharing the new crown vaccine as a global public product.

According to a Reuters Geneva report on June 12, WHO said on the 12th that the new coronavirus vaccine should be provided to everyone as a global public product to ensure that everyone has fair access to any life-saving products that have been developed.

Tan Desai, WHO Director-General, said at a press conference: “Many leaders… have advocated the idea of making any vaccine a global public product, but this concept should continue to be promoted.”

He said: “There should be more leaders to join in. Before the product is launched, we need real global political commitment and consensus. This is what we are pushing.”

Earlier, some people worried that some countries, including the United States, might hoard vaccines or drugs they developed to fight the new coronavirus, while poorer countries could not get the treatment they needed.

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