Novel Coronavirus found in a cultured marten in Denmark

A press release issued by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration said that a novel Coronavirus was found in 34 ferrets sampled at a lab last weekend.

The mink farm is on north Jutland island, the bulletin said.
The veterinarian and FOOD Administration also sampled and tested the ferrets following a novel Coronavirus infection recently confirmed by a person associated with the lab.
This is the first discovery of a novel Coronavirus in a group of mice bred in Denmark.

The Bulletin stated that the Authority had sterilized the same cohort of ferrets to prevent potential infection risks and that novel Coronavirus samples would be tested from other farms in the area.

In April of this year, two ferret farms in the Netherlands reported cases of ferrets infected with a coronavirus, which experts believe may have been caused by an infected farm employee.

According to WHO, some animals may have been infected through close contact with a human infected with a novel Coronavirus. There have been cases of infected animals and pets of novel Coronavirus in patients with novel coronavirus, but more evidence is needed to know whether animals and pets can transmit a novel Coronavirus to humans.
According to the current evidence, interpersonal communication is still the main communication channel.

Currently, The coVID-19 epidemic has leveled off in Denmark, with conditional border opening to Germany, Iceland and Norway since June 15.
There were no new confirmed cases in Denmark on Monday, bringing the total number of confirmed coVID-19 cases to 12,294, including 598 deaths.

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