True story of a mother: Thanks to the digital pen, my child is no longer afraid of growth hormone injections

Our kids have always been a little shorter than the other kids for some reason.
My father and I are not short, the child’s nutrition we are also very careful, but not long.
We also can’t focused, I decided to take his son to go to the hospital to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the inspection result comes out, I regretted, son is because the lack of growth hormone secretion in the body caused by short, but had not yet come to regret, the doctor said that because the epiphyseal son hasn’t closed, can be effectively improved through injections of hypertropin growth hormone, height.
The doctor recommended two growth hormones, a powder for Amomicron and a beta blocker.
We chose the powder because of the cost.

Unexpectedly, the child is totally rejected, because he is afraid of injections, and every day to inject.
In the beginning, it was mostly me and the father who pressed the baby to get the injection.
I cried my eyes out every time.
We are also distressed to see.
In the end, there was nothing to be done.
When we went to the hospital for a reexamination, we told the doctor about it.
The doctor said why don’t you use the cyclista I recommended last time.
It can cooperate with Cyzon electronic pen injection, the doctor told us that cyzon electronic pen needle is invisible design, injection process always does not expose the needle.
It can eliminate children’s fear of injection, reduce shaking, and effectively avoid the risk of needle breakage during self-injection.
In addition, the cyzen-pen also has a special temperature detection function, showing the immediate temperature of the drug, which can reduce the injection pain caused by temperature sensitivity.
During injection, the injection speed can be adjusted to reduce the pain caused by too fast injection.
And then cyclootropic growth hormone just needs to be injected once a week.
This can significantly improve compliance so that the child can stick with it.

After the doctor’s advice and the child’s reaction, we can’t let the child suffer.
Since there is such a good plan, although the price is indeed much more expensive than powder, but the parents are not for the children, as long as he is good this pay what?
Since we switched to the cyzenhancer long-acting + cyzenhancer e-pen treatment, the child is indeed not afraid of growth hormone injections.
You don’t need to be reminded. You can inject yourself.
After more than two years of treatment, my son is now as tall as any other kid in his class. He has a lot more confidence and a smile on his face.

Children are the treasure of parents’ hands. As long as they grow up healthily, we will feel at ease.
So hopefully this post I’m sharing will help other mothers who are in the same situation as me.

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