Immune suppression makes athletes as strong as cattle vulnerable

In the impression of people, athletes are all strong, sometimes even muscular sticks, and their strong bodies should not be poisoned? People think so. But the big guys are wrong, because during this epidemic, top athletes are constantly recruiting, and international sports are even becoming the hardest hit areas.

For this phenomenon, which is contrary to common sense, CCTV came forward to explain that experts believe that the immunity of players may be lower than that of ordinary people. In training or competitions, players often push their bodies to the limit. This is an act of oppression of the immune system, which leads to hypoactive immune function, which is artificial “immunosuppression.” This is an important reason why athletes’ immunity or resistance is not as good as that of ordinary people.

At the same time, athletes have been in confined spaces such as dressing rooms, meeting rooms, and hotel rooms for a long time. Dozens of people eat and live together, which is prone to large-scale infections. In the course of the game, it is difficult for players and other athletes to avoid sweating each other, which increases the risk.

Because many top athletes are stars, have a large fan base, and intimate interaction with fans also increases the risk of cross infection.

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