Why is the cost of growth hormone different for different children?

As people’s living standards improve, the majority of parents pay more and more attention to the height of their children. Parents often ask, how can children grow taller in a healthy, safe and effective way? In clinical medicine, in addition to lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, sleep, and exercise, the most effective drugs recognized at home and abroad for solving short problems are Recombinant human growth hormone.

However, when the doctors recommend the use of growth hormone therapy after screening and screening, parents often immediately have more questions. “How much does it cost my child to take growth hormone?” “The price of a shot of growth hormone is How much?” “I heard that the growth hormone, some people are expensive, some people are cheap, what is the difference?”

These doubts and confusions are basically asked by every parent who has received a diagnosis of growth hormone therapy, and many parents are entangled in the cost of growth hormone treatment. They have been unable to make up their minds and let the child miss the best time for treatment in hesitation . Parents still have some misunderstandings about the cost of growth hormone treatment. We would like to take this opportunity to talk to you about it.

   PART 1 A basic point: the cost of growth hormone, there is no direct answer

  First of all, please let us clarify a basic point: how much does it cost to play growth hormone, there is no unified and direct numerical answer to this question.

  Growth hormone treatment cost is not a simple number, but a complex scientific problem. Parents who want to get a definite offer, please look at the growth hormone treatment more rationally and scientifically.

   For example, there are a series of indications for growth hormone therapy. Different indications will require different dosages of growth hormone. There are 11 indications for growth hormone therapy approved by the US FDA, and the earliest application for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency. Our parents may accept this indication relatively easily. It can be simply understood as zinc deficiency and zinc supplementation, calcium deficiency and calcium supplementation, and growth hormone deficiency supplementation of exogenous growth hormone.

Taking short-acting preparations for immature children as an example, the dosage range for treating children with growth hormone deficiency is 0.1-0.15IU/kg/d; diseases caused by non-growth hormone deficiency, such as idiopathic shortness and gestational age In children, Turner syndrome, and shortness caused by chronic renal insufficiency, the administration range of short-acting preparations is 0.15-0.2IU/kg/d. In other words, non-growth hormone deficiency disorders are administered in larger amounts than growth hormone deficiency, and the corresponding treatment costs are higher.

  Dose and duration of growth hormone therapy for different indications

   In addition, the cost of growth hormone treatment is also related to the weight of the child at the time of treatment, the age of the bones at the time of treatment, the length of treatment, and other factors, and cannot be generalized.

  Part 2 treatment of growth hormone varies from person to person, advocate early detection and early treatment

  We also mentioned earlier that the cost of growth hormone treatment is affected by many factors. It can be said that the treatment of growth hormone is completely different from person to person. To expand the point, the weight of the child during treatment, the cause of shortness, the age and bone age of the child at the time of treatment, whether the child is sexually developed, the length of treatment, the choice of different brands of growth hormone and different dosage forms, will affect the child’s treatment plan , The corresponding treatment costs will change accordingly.

   sharp parents may notice that when we describe the therapeutic dose, the unit is IU/kg/d. The therapeutic dose of growth hormone is based on the child’s weight. The smaller the weight, the smaller the treatment dose, and the lower the treatment cost. For example, a 3-year-old child weighing less than 15 kg must have a significantly different treatment cost than a 6-year-old child weighing 25 kg.

   Therefore, we generally recommend “early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment” for growth hormone treatment of short stature. The smaller the child, the lighter the weight, and the lower the cost of treatment. At the same time, the smaller the age, the smaller the bone age, the larger the growth space, and the more beneficial it is to catch up with the height as soon as possible. With increasing age, body weight and bone age increase, and the growth hormone dosage needs to be increased. The length of treatment to catch up with the expected height will also increase accordingly, which will also increase the cost of treatment. This shows that the timing of treatment is critical.

   So when parents asked “how much does it cost my child to take growth hormone” “why does my child’s cost differ so much from other children’s”, I really can’t answer. It is nonsense to talk about the price without the above factors that affect growth hormone therapy.

  PART 3 treatment compliance and efficacy is the focus of considering the cost-effectiveness of growth hormone treatment

   On the topic of growth hormone treatment cost, one of the important points that must be mentioned is the choice of growth hormone dosage form. In short, the three common dosage forms on the market are powder, short-acting liquid and long-acting liquid. The price of powder is <short-acting liquid <long-acting liquid.

   Each of the three dosage forms of growth hormone has its own characteristics and advantages.

The earliest domestic market is growth hormone powder. From 1998 to the present, it has been clinically used for more than 20 years. The therapeutic application of more than 300,000 people has proved that it has very good efficacy and safety. In the past 5 years, the powder has dropped significantly and has become China. A growth hormone dosage form affordable for short children.

  Compared with powder, water agent has a more natural structure and relatively higher quality. Part of the growth hormone liquid can be injected with a hidden needle electronic pen, which is very helpful for reducing the child’s fear of injection and reducing pain.

  Long-acting water is a breakthrough in growth hormone research and development technology. It only needs to be injected once a week, giving parents and children a new treatment option.

Some parents report that the growth effect after using growth hormone is general. After asking the situation, it is found that the main reason is the missed injection. The child with the largest number of missed injections missed 40 injections in 3 months. The effect of growth hormone treatment, How can it be good?

   Summing up, there are so many reasons for missing needles:

   1) It is easier to forget the injection every day;

   2) The family who chooses growth hormone powder feels that the operation of injection is more cumbersome;

   3) Some parents say that children are afraid of needles, and the fact that they need to get injections every day puts a lot of pressure on their families. Sometimes they also feel distressed to children, and missed injections are also missed.

  However, the treatment of growth hormone must be used continuously. If the injection is missed frequently, the drug will not reach the stable blood concentration in the body and the desired therapeutic effect will not be achieved.

   Therefore, in the selection of growth hormone dosage forms, we still recommend that parents choose growth hormone that is more suitable for children and families, and can adhere to treatment without leakage. For example, if an ordinary family without medical background feels that powder injection is a big problem, consider using a liquid agent. Not only is the quality better, but the injection operation is also much more convenient; families who have been missing injections because of fear of needles can Try the hidden needle electronic pen, you can’t see the needle can effectively reduce the child’s fear of needles; families who feel that daily injections are easier to forget or the children are too small to accept daily injections, you can consider long-acting water, only need weekly A shot, the pressure of injection is much lower, the child is more acceptable.

Some parents will simply say “which one is cheaper and which is cheaper”, but from a rational point of view, the compliance and efficacy of treatment are the important factors that suggest that parents consider the cost-effectiveness of growth hormone therapy Instead of simply looking at the price. To ensure the course of medication, to achieve a good growth effect, parents can invest in the growth of children to have a good output.


  There is no unified numerical answer to the question of how much it costs to play growth hormone. The cost of treatment for growth hormone is different from person to person. It is affected by many factors such as the child’s weight, age, bone age, etc., and cannot be generalized. We advocate early detection of short problems, early diagnosis, and early treatment. The sooner the treatment, the lower the cost. When looking at this problem, parents should pay special attention to the compliance and efficacy of growth hormone therapy, choose a treatment method more suitable for children and families, and insist on letting children use medical treatment to catch up with the ideal height.

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