A new virus has been found in Africa, with a fatality rate of up to 90%

A new virus, tentatively named “Virus X”, has been discovered in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Congo), according to the country’s medical service.
The virus has an overall fatality rate of up to 90%, which is one of the highest virus fatality rates ever found in humans.

Why are there so many viruses

In early 2020, will be coronavirus overnight known to the world, its strong infectious in spread to all over the world in a short time, so far, Antarctica has appeared a new crown infections, the world all continents all fall, not only that, in will be under the threat of coronavirus, the global economy into recession, in addition to the epidemic prevention effective Chinese, all negative growth in major economies, the highest negative growth is expected to more than 10%.

Virus in Africa, the emergence of new “X” the overall fatality rate reached 90%, is Africa and a virulent strain of the ebola virus, why so much virus human society, it is likely to be from humans themselves to find the reason, after the development of the steam entering the high speed of the earth’s resources is growing, the buried in the deep, deep sea of unknown material, also in the process were brought into the human society, human beings destroyed nature’s own order, will also receive the nature of the disaster.

The greater scourge is man – made

If human activities have brought about a variety of viruses, then the novel Coronavirus under the various divisions, accusations, accusations, is a real disaster.

In years, China outbreak under control, instead of abroad began, the outbreak in the United States began to preach a virus is from China, in fact, the new crown appears most early in China, the United States is disconnected with the China flights, wait until after the epidemic under control in China, in order to airlines hollowing out of the United States over and over again to pressure the Chinese government, to increase the flight arrived in China in the United States, despite China at this time is the human world against the outbreak of the new champions league the last piece of pure land, is the world’s largest epidemic prevention material production.

In December 2020, after more than half a year of fermentation, will be coronavirus in the British Isles, communication ability is stronger, the world shock, unable to restrain to rethink, why the virus mutates in Britain, one of will be coronavirus unfettered, the British government, made the disaster of the world, and, more importantly, India, the population of more than billion, is also the outbreak, in poor health conditions, variation?
How far does it mutate?

In the face of natural disasters, separatism is not advisable. Only by uniting and summarizing the experience of epidemic prevention can we do the right thing against novel Coronavirus. I wonder when those countries that cannot stand on their own dignity will realize this truth.

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