Alert! Novel Coronavirus infection found in many countries

Following the confirmation of a mutation of a novel Coronavirus on 14 August in the UK, a number of countries recently announced confirmed cases of infection with a mutation of irus in their own countries.
The French
On the evening of December 25 local time, the Ministry of Health of France announced that the first mutation of the novel Coronavirus infection was found in France on the same day. It was a French male living in Britain.
The man returned to France from London on November 19 and was confirmed infected at the University Medical Centre in Toure in central and western France on December 21.
The man is asymptomatic and is in good condition under home quarantine.
The first case of the novel Coronavirus infected by a passenger flying from the United Kingdom was found in Lebanon, health Minister Hamad Hassan said Friday.
Hamad Hassan urged fellow passengers to be vigilant and take all necessary precautions and to novel Coronavirus testing as soon as possible.
The Irish
On The 25th local time, Ireland confirmed that a mutation of novel Coronavirus appeared in The UK had been detected in the country.
Experts say further tests will be carried out in Ireland in the coming days and weeks to determine the extent of the mutated virus in the country.
The novel Coronavirus gene mutation found in the UK has been identified for the first time in Japan, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare announced Wednesday.
It is understood that five of the infected people arrived in Japan from the UK on December 18 solstice 21, of whom four are asymptomatic.
On The 26th, the Japanese government decided to further tighten border controls.
Starting from 00:00 on The 26th, all travellers arriving from The United Kingdom and South Africa will be subject to 14-day quarantine after entry. Those who need to go abroad will also be tested by novel Coronavirus and submit a certificate within 72 hours before departure.
According to the ministry of Health of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany 24 local time, the first case of mutation of novel Coronavirus infection occurred in The state of Germany.
The confirmed case is a woman who returned to Baden-Wurttemberg from the UK via Frankfurt Airport on 20 December.
It’s currently under home quarantine.
On the evening of 23 local time, the Ministry of Health of Singapore announced that a 17-year-old female citizen returning from the United Kingdom was carrying a variant novel Coronavirus.
The patient went to the UK to study in August this year and returned to Singapore on December 6. He developed fever during his isolation.
National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Singapore
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As the New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival are approaching, Mr. Jun of the community reminds everyone: be alert to COVID-19, reduce gatherings, travel on wrong peaks, keep awareness and protection in good order to protect the health of yourself and your family.
One, less gather not to cluster
With the approaching of the “Double Festival”, the movement and gathering of people are increasing. In order to reduce the risk of spread of the epidemic, it is recommended to gather less, not to cluster together, and not to go to crowded places.
Choose a well-ventilated place for gatherings and dinners, do personal protection, keep a safe distance, and shorten the activity time.
People with fever, cough and other uncomfortable symptoms should avoid gathering activities.
Two, reasonable arrangement travel
It is recommended not to travel unnecessarily. During the Spring Festival travel rush, you should return to your hometown and work at the wrong peak. If you cannot travel at the wrong peak, you should also choose a reasonable way of travel to avoid gathering.
Before traveling, we should know the epidemic situation and prevention and control policies of the destination, and suggest postponing the travel to middle and high-risk areas.
Keep all tickets during the double session for easy reference.
Travel is not recommended for special groups such as the elderly, patients with chronic diseases and pregnant women.

  1. Make good personal protection
    Do not litter, do not spit, cough and sneeze attention to keep out good hygiene habits.
    Do a good job of wearing masks, frequent ventilation, wash their hands, do not pile up, keep clean, keep distance of the six elements of personal protection.
    Purchase New Year goods as required
    Fully consider the demand, as needed to prepare New Year goods, no extravagance and waste.
    Make a list before you shop to shorten your shopping time.
    Take personal protection when shopping, standardize wearing masks, and use electronic payment whenever possible.
    Reduce the purchase times, vegetables and fruits can be purchased for 3 days at a time.
    When buying cold chain food such as seafood, livestock meat, pay attention to the standard operation.
    Fifth, pay attention to food safety
    Keep the kitchen clean and ventilated. Separate raw and cooked food processing. Do not share knives and cutlery.
    Do not drink raw water, do not eat wild animals, seafood, livestock meat and eggs thoroughly cooked before eating.
    Implement the “Cd-ROM campaign”, prepare food as needed, order food in moderation, and eliminate waste.
    Pay attention to balanced diet, do not overeat, do not drink too much.
    Advocate the use of public spoon chopsticks, the implementation of separate meals.
    Go to a doctor when you are ill
    In case of fever, cough and other uncomfortable symptoms, it is necessary to wear a mask and go to the fever clinic of the nearest hospital in time.
    Walking or private cars are preferred. Public transport is not recommended.
    If you have a history of traveling in high-risk areas or contact with people with abnormal symptoms before the onset of the disease, tell your doctor.
    If people around you have fever, cough or other symptoms, immediately remind them to put on a disposable medical mask and seek medical treatment in time;
    Try to keep a safe distance from it.

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