The United States has its first case of the mutated virus

According to the Washington Post on December 30, the CDC has found an infected person with a mutation of the novel Coronavirus in Colorado.
The patient has been quarantined, but health workers’ concerns have only just begun.

The virus has spread widely in the United States

According to reports, after investigating the mutation novel Coronavirus infection, the team found that the person had recently only been living near his Colorado home and had not traveled, suggesting that the source of the infection was in the United States.

The route of infection is unclear, but Novel Coronavirus, a mutation from the novel Coronavirus, has spread to Colorado and continues to do so, said Johns Hopkins University epidemiologist Dr. Leistler.

It is understood that the emergence of b. 1.1.7novel Coronavirus variant was first discovered in the United Kingdom.
The b.1.1.7 variant is deeper and more transmissive than the previously identified variants.

As a result, the news of the discovery of the variant in Britain immediately aroused alarm in many countries, including most countries in Europe and the United States, and many countries have taken emergency measures to transport to and from Britain.

But so far, it seems that the embargo measures adopted by the United States have not had the effect that they should have.

  1. Will the epidemic continue to worsen in the US?

According to data released by Johns Hopkins University, the United States now has nearly 20 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, ranking first in the global epidemic, and is still spreading rapidly.
But what is surprising is that under these circumstances, the epidemic in the United States seems to have room to worsen.

According to the UK epidemic Prevention Department, the variant found in the novel coronavirus B.1.1.7 is more transmissible and currently exists outside the UK.
The variant was found in 17 countries, and data from each country confirmed its transmissible nature.
This means that if THE US health authorities fail to identify the infected people in time, it could lead to widespread spread of the mutated virus.

But because of the severe outbreak in the United States, many areas are experiencing shortages of health workers and overflowing intensive care units.
In some areas, detainees and national guard troops had to be mobilized to help dispose of the bodies of the dead.
In these circumstances, it is doubtful that the American health system has the capacity for a massive overhaul.

Under such circumstances, the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States may worsen.

On December 28, the Los Angeles Times of the United States published a report that the current outbreak in the United States shows no signs of abating, even with the sharp increase in year-end holidays and social gatherings, there is a risk of worsening.
According to CNN, this could mean a “nightmare” January for the US.

Now, with the help of b.1.1.7 variants, it is almost impossible for the United States to avoid the coming “nightmare”.

  1. It’s never too late to mend

It is understood that the Colorado government has begun to discuss the implementation of the relevant restrictions, Colorado Governor Jared Polis has publicly urged people to wear masks whenever possible, and to maintain a safe social distance, avoid unnecessary parties.

If these measures are implemented successfully, they may help prevent the state from worsening.
But some county officials in the state are still refusing to enforce the order.

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