Exposing the “epicenter” of the virus, over 500,000 deaths, the United States did not expect…

Foreign media exposure of the virus “epicenter”, more than 500,000 deaths, the United States did not expect…
It is well known that since the outbreak of virus from novel Coronavirus around the world, America has been the most serious country in the world. Even a year has passed since the initial outbreak of virus from novel Coronavirus, no country can shake the status of America, which is still the “world No.1”.
As of December 31, 20.21 million cases of the new champions league in the United States, the death toll successfully broke through 350000, as the world’s first confirmed case of over 20 million countries, the United States will be coronavirus severity have shown, as the global situation virus is spreading, European countries in the context of the secondary infection strikes, apparently has become a global new virus “the epicenter”…

As winter approaches and temperatures plummet, the death toll in Europe has risen to more than half a million, even in the United States, foreign media reported.
Although Italy’s current European region of the countries most affected by the virus, but the virus is still to be reckoned with, it is understood that the UK this month 24, was found after mutation, the virus of domestic situation, both confirmed death toll had reached new highs, even worse, the mutation is far higher than the original virus infection rate.

Notable is, as a result of the strains in ultra high infection rates, many countries in the mutant virus first appeared in Britain, is implemented to its no-fly measures, including France, Germany, Italy and other countries, and even joint demanded that the European Union, implements the comprehensive monitoring in Britain, in addition to a number of European countries, Canada, Australia and other 30 countries have to Britain imposed a no-fly measures, including China, after all, we can make now very hard-won achievements of resistance to disease.

However, it is not only the UK that has seen record numbers of COVID-19 cases, but other European countries are also seeing a worsening of the virus.
French President makron previously diagnosed even new crown, and France is in Europe, will be the second serious country coronavirus, not only that, the German chancellor, in order to convince their people with resistance to disease, do not hesitate to shed tears in front of the people of the world, only to realize that will be able to allow the German coronavirus, but is very painful, these ways have not resistance to disease in Europe have very big effect.

Obviously, novel Coronavirus has become the only “effective way” to fight against COVID-19 in the world. With the deteriorating situation of virus, the need for NOVEL coronavirus vaccine becomes more urgent in all countries.
Although vaccines in many countries are close, and also has entered clinical trials, but at present, except the Chinese vaccine in clinical trials of a vaccine was revealed more or less side effects, the Chinese vaccine won the large number of countries, more and more countries are hoping to cooperation and China reached a vaccine.

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