Japan is in a bind: 80 percent of the population wants to postpone or cancel the Olympics as the virus mutates

Not long ago, found in Britain variant novel coronavirus, its infectivity far stronger than the general novel coronavirus.
After the news came out, all countries in the world were terrified and took measures to prevent the introduction of the variant novel coronavirus into their own countries.

Unfortunately, with the passage of time, the variant novel coronavirus has appeared in many countries.
It also put a lot of pressure on epidemic prevention.
Especially for Japan, which is facing the Olympic Games.

A new variant virus appears in Japan

At present, Japan has found 4 cases of mutant novel coronavirus, all arrived in Japan from Brazil, among which 3 patients have fever, typical symptoms of respiratory problems.
The news was greeted with alarm in Japan because the virus in the four imported cases, unlike those in Britain and South Africa, was a new variant.

So far, the number of Japanese novel coronavirus has been confirmed more than 320,000 people, the number of deaths has reached more than 4,000 people, this number is still rising.
The figures are a clear indication of the severity of the epidemic in Japan, an island nation with a small population.

According to a recent Kyodo News poll, 80 percent of Japanese expect the Olympics to be postponed or canceled because of the Novel Coronavirus epidemic.
At present, the outbreak of novel coronavirus in Japan is developing rapidly, and the number of newly diagnosed patients in consecutive days has broken the previous record.

The outbreak has been particularly severe in the capital, Tokyo, where medical facilities have been overwhelmed by the number of people diagnosed and in need of treatment.
Japan’s health care system, one of the world’s best, is on the verge of collapse.

Brazil has been particularly affected

Four cases of mutant novel coronavirus in Japan were imported from Brazil.
It is enough to see that Brazil’s epidemic is quite severe.
More than 8.39 million people have been diagnosed and more than 200,000 have died in Brazil, the second highest number of deaths in the world.
According to Brazil’s official data, the situation in Brazil is much worse, and the government’s inaction over the past year is a major reason why the epidemic has grown so severe.

Brazilian President Jairo Bolsonaro’s neglect of the virus and failure to take effective measures to control it are in line with Trump’s approach to the epidemic.
Now the emergence of a variant virus is confirming the novel coronavirus in Brazil for a long time.

At present, all signs show that the mutant novel coronavirus mainly appears in the countries with severe epidemic.
One of them, the United Kingdom, which had previously proposed herd immunity, was the first to discover the mutant virus.
Despite efforts by many countries to prevent it, it has not prevented imported cases from occurring in other countries.

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