Guangdong two places new positive! The virus has also been detected on the surface of these foods

Yesterday (23)
Longhua District, Shenzhen City, emergency notification
One case of COVID-19 positive nucleic acid
This morning,
Zhuhai also announced an emergency
A case of asymptomatic infected person imported from abroad
On January 23, a case of COVID-19 positive nucleic acid was found in Longhua District of Shenzhen during routine monitoring of third-party outsourcing service support personnel of entry quarantine hotels.
Zhao Mou, male, 34 years old, the city CDC review for the positive.
The nucleic acid test results of the people living with them were all negative.
Preliminary investigation, close contact personnel 24.
Under the guidance of the Municipal Health Commission, Longhua District COVID-19 Epidemiological Prevention and Control Headquarters immediately started the COVID-19 epidemic emergency response mechanism, organized a comprehensive and detailed epidemiological investigation, strictly eliminated and killed the site and performed various protection work.
Novel Coronavirus, Longhua District, Shenzhen
Pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters
January 23, 2021
Zhuhai health bureau circular
On January 24, the city reported a case of asymptomatic infected person imported from abroad.
Liu returned from Ukraine and entered Guangzhou on January 2nd. After 14 days of intensive quarantine medical observation, she returned to our city for 7 days of home health management.
On January 23, the novel coronavirus was positive for nucleic acid test and serum IgG positive, and was determined by provincial and municipal experts to be an asymptomatic infected person imported from abroad (regained Yang).
The city’s relevant departments have been the first time to implement a comprehensive disinfection of Liu’s living and activity sites, and its close contact with personnel for health management.
At the same time, close contacts and environmental samples were collected for the novel coronavirus nucleic acid test, and the test results were negative.
We hereby call on the general public to follow the official information on epidemic prevention and control and refrain from panic, believing or spreading rumors.
The general public please carry out the self-protection measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, ventilation, not gathering, and keeping the distance of “one-meter line”.
Zhuhai Municipal Health Bureau
January 24, 2021
There are food surfaces in many parts of the country
Novel coronavirus nucleic acid test was positive
So, are these things still edible?
Experts from West China Hospital in Sichuan responded
Food tested positive in many places
Milk jujube positive
On January 21, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Taierzhuang District, Zaozhuang City, Shandong Province, was notified.
According to the circular, milk dates processed by whey powder affected by the epidemic in the central district entered Taierzhuang district.
The leading group (headquarters) of Taierzhuang District Committee to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic operation promptly organized contacts from relevant departments to carry out tracking and investigation, epidemiological investigation and nucleic acid testing, as well as sampling and testing of epidemic products and external environment.
After the first test, the close contact of the product and the external environment are negative, and the product involved in the epidemic is positive.
Chicken wing positive
On January 21, Wuzhou City Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Guangxi Province issued a notice on tracing contacts in frozen chicken wings.
According to the notice, a batch of frozen chicken wings from Brazil in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, tested positive for nucleic acid in packaging, and other batches of products mixed with the same container were sold to Wuzhou.
Cherries are positive
On January 21, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Liangxi District of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, detected a positive nucleic acid test on the inner surface of imported cherries produced on December 18, 2020, during regular surveillance of imported food.
A few days ago, the news of the price of imported cherries let many people taste fresh, and the cherry surface was exposed nucleic acid test positive, also let the majority of Internet users call “a little afraid”, the news once board Weibo hot search, as of this publication, read more than 300 million.
So, are imported cherries still edible?
How should I wash it?
Will eating cherries infect new crowns?
In this regard, some media interviewed Luan Rongsheng, chairman of the epidemiology branch of Sichuan Preventive Medical Association and professor of epidemiology at West China School of Public Health of Sichuan University. He answered these questions.
Rong-sheng luan
Are imported cherries still edible?
Luan Rongsheng: It’s not a big problem.
Cherries and other fruits are washed or peeled before they are eaten.
Although in the process of processing, handling and transportation, the surface of the fruit may be contaminated by some, but generally after cleaning, the vast majority of viruses on the surface of the fruit can be removed.
Can eating contaminated cherries infect new crowns?
Luan Rongsheng: Novel coronavirus does not have a digestive tract transmission route, so even if a small amount of virus enters the human body through the digestive tract, it will not be infected.
And animal tests have shown that animals fed contaminated food have not been infected or spread, so there is no cause for undue concern or panic.
Then why does cold chain food/goods pass from person to person?
Luan Rongsheng: Cold chain food means that after perishable food is purchased or caught from the origin, it must be kept in a low temperature environment in the processing, storage, transportation, distribution and retail of the product until it reaches the consumers.
Why does cold chain food/goods pass from person to person?
Because frozen food itself is kept at a low temperature, if contaminated, the virus will survive longer.
Secondly, in the place of frozen food processing, the temperature is lower and the space is more airtight. If there is a source of infection in the processing place at this time, it will cause human-to-human transmission or material transmission.
If there are more sources of infection, there is a greater chance that the virus will spill out, so there is a greater chance that the cold chain food will be contaminated.
However, fruits are different from cold-chain foods. Fruits cannot be frozen for a long time or cannot be frozen. In addition, the environment is ventilated and the temperature is higher than that of cold-chain foods when they are not in the frozen environment.
There have been no known cases of infection from eating fruit, so the risk is extremely low.
The public can also remove most of the virus from the surface of fruit by rinsing it with water.
In addition, the physical transmission of cold chain food is not by the infected person eating the cold chain food, but through contact transmission.
That is, the hands and other parts of the body touch contaminated frozen food or contaminated packaging, and then touch the mouth, eyes, nose and so become infected.
And what can be transmitted by contact is exposure to high concentrations of large droplets and high concentrations of contaminated frozen food/items.
How to wash cherries properly?
Luan Rongsheng: running water can be cleaned.
For other peelable fruits, it is recommended to eat them after peeling.
How is national import commodity eliminated kill or quarantine?
Luan Rongsheng: import goods to go through two.
First is the import quarantine link, by the customs is responsible for.
Inspection and quarantine includes the quarantine of people, animals and plants, and articles, while the pollution rate of imported cold chain food is one in hundreds of thousands, very low.
Next it is food safety clearance, by food and drug administration department is responsible for.
As long as these two gateways are secured, the risk of goods reaching consumers is extremely low.
What should consumers pay attention to on a daily basis?
Luan Rongsheng: For consumers, they should pay attention to food hygiene, and cook other edible foods thoroughly before eating them.
Narcotics gentleman reminds again 1
We will strictly prevent any resurgence of the epidemic
You guys have to be on your guard
But there is no need to panic too much

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