The non-infectious vaccination process of the virus in the inactivated vaccine can be assured

“If the inactivated vaccine has been sprayed during vaccination, it does have the potential to be positive for viral nucleic acid when tested in the environment.”
“But it is not active, so it is not pathogenic,” Cao Wei, deputy director of the Department of Infection at Peking Union Medical College Hospital, told recently.
This can be assured during the vaccination process.”

The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently released the Technical Suggestions on the Monitoring of Environmental Specimens from New Crown Vaccine Vaccination Units, saying that some provinces in China have recently detected positive nucleic acids of Novel Coronavirus in environmental samples collected and tested by New Crown Vaccine Vaccination Units, and that the nucleic acids of Novel Coronavirus originated from vaccine fluid.

The technical advice makes it clear that because the viral nucleic acid in the inactivated vaccine is no longer active, it is not infectious.
“The virus in the novel coronavirus inactivated vaccine is not infectious” was also the top trending topic on Weibo.

“You can rest assured that this is an inactivated vaccine.”
Fu Hua, a professor at Fudan University’s School of Public Health, also said that positive nucleic acid tests and infectious viruses are two different things.
Although virus nucleic acid is contained in novel coronavirus inactivated vaccine, but had no activity, also did not have infectivity.

“PCR(polymerase chain reaction) testing can find nucleic acid or genetic material, but it can’t tell whether it’s a complete, live virus or a defective piece of virus with only genetic material.”
The same is true of a DNA test on a throat or anal swab, Cao said. A positive result indicates that a fragment of the virus has been detected, but it is not clear whether it is an infectious, intact, active virus.

The technical advice issued by the CDC also said that during the vaccination process, the vaccine fluid may contaminate the worker’s clothing, gloves or personal effects and cause a positive nucleic acid test at the contaminated site.
Although there have been no reports of positive nucleic acid tests on nasopharyngeal swabs by workers inhaling aerosols caused by vaccine fluid, attention and research evaluation are still needed.

Cao Wei said that although the virus in the vaccine is not active, it is still necessary to manage the vaccination process and equipment to avoid interference with subsequent environmental monitoring.
There are also new requirements for the management of vaccination environment, including how to prevent the virus nucleic acid from the vaccine solution from affecting the surrounding environment during the inoculation process, and some new operating procedures are put forward.

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