New crown variant virus intensifies outbreak in Africa

The number of confirmed and fatal cases of the novel coronavirus virus in Africa is soaring as it spreads to more African countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) regional office for Africa said in a statement Wednesday.
In the face of this second wave, African countries must step up their efforts to test, quarantine close contacts and treat patients, as well as strengthen preventive measures.

More than 175,000 new confirmed cases and more than 6,200 deaths were reported in Africa in the latest week, the statement said.
29 December 2020 solstice On 25 January 2021, the number of new cases in Africa increased by 50% compared to the previous four weeks, and the number of new deaths doubled.
The number of new cases fell slightly in South Africa over the past week, but cases continued to surge in 22 African countries.

The mutation novel coronavirus, found in South Africa, “is likely to have spread in many African countries,” WHO Regional Director for Africa Makidiso Muti said in a statement.
The mutant novel coronavirus has been introduced into African countries such as Botswana, Kenya, Ghana and Zambia.
Novel coronavirus, a variant found in Britain, has emerged in Gambia and Nigeria.
Muti worries that the aftermath of the novel Coronavirus variant, ‘pandemic fatigue’ and previous end-of-year parties could exacerbate a second wave of the disease in Africa and put medical institutions under enormous strain.

A total of 3,444,117 new cases have been confirmed in Africa, 87,937 have died and 2,977,335 have been cured, according to data released by the African Center for Disease Control and Prevention on Monday.
The countries with the highest cumulative number of confirmed cases in Africa now include South Africa, with South Africa the country with the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Ethiopia.

South Africa’s first case of the novel coronavirus variant found in the UK has been detected by the country’s Genome Monitoring Network, Tulio de Oliveira, a leading virologist, said in a social media post on Monday.
Although the mutant novel coronavirus has not spread rapidly in South Africa, the potential for more mutant coronavirus in the future means that countries will need to work more closely together in the fight against the epidemic.

The Ministry of Health of Senegal confirmed on the 28th that the novel coronavirus mutant found in the UK has been found in Senegal. The testing center in Senegal is conducting genome sequencing on the positive samples of the new coronavirus test to see if there is any novel coronavirus mutant.

Gambian President Adama Barrow on Monday praised China’s help in fighting the epidemic in his country.
In the past three months, Chinese anti-epidemic medical teams have helped Gambia train front-line health workers and provide treatment for critically ill patients, the Gambian presidential office said in a communique.

Uganda will receive the new vaccine in April or May this year, benefiting 9 million people, the government said in a statement Monday.
The government will give priority to vaccinating people at high risk of infection, such as health workers.

Public hospitals in Zimbabwe will provide free virus testing and treatment for patients with the new disease, the Ministry of Health said Wednesday.

Zambian schools will reopen on February 1, but the government will tighten oversight and close any school found to have failed to comply with strict quarantine rules, Health Minister Jonas Chanda said Monday.

Ghanaian police said Wednesday that 961 people have been arrested for anti-epidemic violations in the country since January 18.
People caught driving in private cars or using public transport without masks will be penalized.
Police are patrolling public places such as nightclubs, beaches and cinemas to urge operators and people to follow the rules.

Botswana President Masisi said Tuesday that once the new vaccine is ready, workers on the front line of the pandemic will be vaccinated first.

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