The Fort Jedtrick experimenters came forward, and the novel coronavirus is associated with him

The World Health Organization (WHO) expert team has officially arrived in China to trace the source of COVID-19 together with Chinese experts. The investigation of the source of COVID-19 is of great significance to the control of the CoVID-19 epidemic, and is also conducive to deepening the understanding of the CoVID-19 virus.

There are a lot of issues for the WHO to consider in coming to China. In the previous discussions between China and the WHO, some Western countries believed that China was not willing to allow the WHO to come to China for investigation.

However, this is not the case. China welcomes the World Health Organization (WHO) to trace the source of COVID-19 in China.
But before that, the western countries led by the United States even directly said that “Covid-19 virus originated from China”.

There is no concrete evidence for this claim. It is nothing more than an American diversion trick. However, in the simmer of the controversy, a source with knowledge of the matter broke the story.

It was a leak, and the Fort Yedtrick experimenters came forward, claiming that he was associated with the novel Coronavirus.

According to, an Indian-American named Samantha Hill posted a post in which he said that he had worked at the Fort Detrick lab since graduation. He was a former staff member at the Fort Detrick lab, and both he and his supervisor knew about the Covid-19 virus.

Immediately after her boss was assassinated, Samantha Hill decided to flee the lab and tell the world the truth.

According to the poster, the new pneumonia virus leaked in 2019 and then spread with influenza in the United States.

The pneumonia virus spread in Wuhan and was detected by Chinese health authorities after an American sailor brought sealed copies of Covid-19 to a seafood market in the city in December.

From the description of the post, both the time and the specific location of the virus is consistent with the actual situation, but the content of the leak has not been confirmed.

It is not known if the post is true, but the US should make the Fort Detrick lab public.
The Fort Detrick laboratory was founded in 1942 primarily to study deadly biological weapons.

Although Fort Detrick has now been converted to peaceful use, biological weapons research is still being conducted, and the United States has kept the details of the Fort Detrick research secret.

China also confronted the US directly, demanding that the US should release more information and sending the World Health Organisation to the US to investigate the source of Covid-19.

The international community has repeatedly asked the United States to disclose the specific information about the Fort Detrick laboratory, but the United States has been silent, and no relevant personnel has come out to explain. As for why the United States must know, perhaps the United States is the biggest conspirator.

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