covid over 100 million: no matter how strong the virus, also will be afraid of it

More than 100 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with CoviD-19. That’s shocking news.
The current world population is 7.8 billion and there have been 2.14 million deaths, which means that the new world crown mortality rate is 2.1 percent.

But a year ago today, on the second day of the Chinese New Year, there were fewer than 2,000 cases nationwide, mostly in Wuhan, and 56 deaths.
With only sporadic cases in many places, novel coronavirus was known as a new SARS, an epidemic that could be over in a few months.

I still remember when novel coronavirus spread in China, Chinese people took the measures of complete blockade, all concentrated in home isolation, the streets were deserted, businesses closed, home office

But no one expected that in just one year, more than 100 million people worldwide had been diagnosed with CoviD-19.

In the development of the new crown so far, but also let people know how fast the spread of the virus, how fierce.
For example, tuberculosis person is in when active period cough, tuberculosis bacilli can have along with the airflow that cough gives with speed 140 km/s, namely the speed of about 40 meters per second “rush out” from inside the body.

The spread of the virus is enough to scare people.

In addition to novel coronavirus, HIV, H1N1 and Ebola are all transmitted from animals to humans, from an animal virus to a deadly human virus.

There was also good news during the new crown.

Stem cell therapy has been paid close attention to the hot spot, the new champions in wuhan during the wanton, completed more than 200 cases of stem cell therapy in wuhan, deputy director of the Ministry of Science and Technology of biological center Sun Yanrong had said at the news conference, from the current stem cell used in clinical treatment security good, clinical results suggest at the same time, on the one hand, stem cell therapy can improve the lung inflammation, improve the cure rate of severe patients, at the same time intensive rehabilitation in patients with pulmonary fibrosis has obvious effect, can see improvement in lung lesions, respiratory function was improved.

Are stem cells so powerful?
Let’s take a look.

A long time ago, SCLNOW did an experiment in which when a Saint Cellular stem cell met a virus, the virus did not touch the Saint Cellular stem cell, but simply “slipped away” from it.
In other words, viruses are afraid of SSCs.

What are saint cell stem cells?

Saint cell stem cells are umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells extracted from neonatal umbilical cord tissue. They have the following characteristics: they have international standards, high purity, high activity, high activity, no matching, no rejection reaction, etc.

Sacred cell stem cells were prepared by sublimation, releasing cell stem cells preparation.

The SCLnow released mesenchymal stem cells have the following characteristics:

  1. The releasing cell stem cells have natural antiviral ability.
  2. The secretions of the releasing stem cells can enhance the virus-susceptible cells or have antiviral ability.

Conclusion: Transplantation of exocytoplasmic stem cells can improve the antiviral ability of the organism.

Therefore, with the saving of Saint cell stem cells, you can use the releasing cell stem cells preparation, no longer fear in the face of the virus, and at the same time, you can also buy a health guarantee for yourself.

If you want to be healthy, you start with holy cell stem cells, and if you want to improve your antiviral ability, you start with eukaryotic stem cells.

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