Novel coronavirus tracing should be launched in more countries

Novel coronavirus is the common enemy of all mankind, spread out joint action with respect to virus traceability source, it is the common responsibility that each country ought to assume.

Recently, the WHO international team of experts has been working with Chinese experts in Wuhan, China, to carry out exchanges and cooperation on the source of the virus. Several of the team members have been speaking openly to the international media.
The cooperation in tracing the source once again demonstrates China’s open, transparent and responsible attitude in the joint fight against the epidemic.

China was the first country to report cases of Covid-19.
Since the outbreak, WHO has sent international experts to China three times to carry out investigation and research.
“China has taken the most comprehensive, the strictest and the most thorough prevention and control measures” “Novel Coronavirus leak from the Wuhan laboratory questions’ groundless ‘”…
In the face of accusations and doubts with ulterior motives, the WHO experts who participated in the field research were clearly better placed to speak.

However, tracing the origin of the virus only in China is obviously not enough to restore the truth.
Recent studies have shown that the United States, Spain, France, Italy and Brazil, among other countries, showed signs of being infected long before the outbreak in China.
How did a blood sample collected in the United States in December 2019 detect the Novel Coronavirus antibody?
Is a patient with the skin disease detected in Italy with Novel Coronavirus in November 2019 “Patient Zero”?
Does the Fort Detrick Biological Base in the United States have any connection to the Covid-19 outbreak as has been reported?
As a growing number of experts have called for, WHO should conduct virus traceability research in more countries.

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