US laboratory leaked virus?

Biden becomes president after the election, and it is customary for a U.S. president to be inaugurated before taking office.
The inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States on January 20 has attracted a lot of attention, but with the inauguration of Joe Biden also attracted attention from a laboratory in the United States, the laboratory behind the novel Coronavirus.

Currently, novel coronavirus has swept the world, and many countries are still struggling with the epidemic.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying singled out the lab for the incident.
The Fort Detrick virus site in the United States has sparked a heated debate, with many netizens wondering what the truth is behind it.

The mysterious Fort Detrick base

Less is known about the site, but according to sources, the virus base at Fort Detrick, Maryland, is an Infectious Diseases Medical Research Institute of the U.S. Army that houses a number of deadly, highly contagious viruses, such as Ebola and brucella.
Safety accidents may occur if you do not pay attention to them, which will have a great impact on the society.
According to some reports, there have been so many safety incidents that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States has suspended the institute’s research work.

The outbreak may be linked to the institute

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the politics and economy of many countries have been greatly impacted, which has seriously affected the social stability.
Along with the outbreak, Fort Detrick was mentioned after U.S. media discovered that a respiratory disease similar to Xin Guan had begun near the base months before the Chinese outbreak and, more importantly, the base’s subsequent actions.
The mysterious closure of Fort Detrick has not been given any response or explanation by the US side.
In the public speculation under the circumstances, a post appeared in the public view.
The author, who claims to have worked at Fort Detrick and in a biology lab, acknowledges the Novel Coronavirus connection to the base, which is believed to have created and leaked the virus.

In the post, he described how, after graduating and working in a lab, his boss in 2015 synthesized Novel Coronavirus, which was then leaked in a security breach in 2019 and spread widely in the United States along with the flu.
The novel coronavirus was discovered by China’s epidemic prevention authorities in December 2019, when an infected sailor accidentally sealed the virus in seafood and illegally shipped it to a seafood market in Wuhan.
All the details in this post are correct. Although it is impossible to find out the truth, the cover-up by the US government must be true.

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