Double mask blocks more than 92% of potentially infectious novel coronavirus particles: US study

February 11 – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Tuesday that double-layer masks, or cloth masks used in addition to medical masks such as disposable surgical masks, can significantly increase protection.
The researchers found that by wearing two masks and making the face and mask fit more closely, 92.5% of potential novel coronavirus infectious particles were blocked.
They also found that folding the edges inward and knotting the pull strings around the ears, reducing the gap between the mask and the face, improved the protective performance of the surgical mask.
Knotted surgical masks blocked 63% of aerosol air particles that might contain Novel Coronavirus, while unknotted masks blocked only 42%.
Starting in January 2021, the CDC tested the double-layer mask and knot method to evaluate its protective properties.
Researchers have found that the effectiveness of cloth and medical masks can be improved by making sure they fit tightly to the contouring of the face and prevent air and particles from escaping (or rushing in) through the gaps around the edges of the masks.
The study found that when both the infected and the uninfected wore a double-layer mask, the uninfected were 96.4% less likely to be exposed to potentially infectious Novel Coronavirus particles.
When both parties wore masks that were knotted and tightly fitted to the face, the likelihood of exposure to potentially infectious Novel Coronavirus particles in the uninfected was reduced by 95.9%.
Both findings highlight the importance of good adhesion to maximize mask performance in protecting people from exposure to Novel Coronavirus.

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