Nigeria Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: New Variation of Novel Coronavirus Finded

Chikwe Iheakwazu, director of Nigeria’s Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), said in Abuja on February 22 that a new strain of the Covid-19 virus, known as B.1.525, had been detected in the country.

According to covey fathers in the day of Nigeria’s President, to deal with special outbreak of the new champions league team weekly briefing, said on November 23 last year, a patient in Lagos state collected samples for the first time found called b. 1.525 will be coronavirus new varieties, the mutant virus has spread to several other countries, has not yet been listed as notable mutation.

So far, five Nigerian states have reported cases of the B.1.525 strain, and cases have also been reported among Nigerian travellers from other countries, according to a statement from the Nigerian Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
Ekovizu said researchers and scientists are trying to understand how contagious the mutated virus is, how severe it is, how immune the body is to it, and whether the mutated virus will have an impact on diagnoses and approved vaccines.

It has been reported that the B.1.525novel coronavirus variant contains a gene variant called E484K, which has been found in countries including Brazil, South Africa, Denmark and the United States.

As of February 22, Nigeria has recorded 152,616 cases of COVID-19, 1,862 deaths and 129,300 cured cases.

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