Why is the cost of growth hormone different for different children?

As people’s living standards improve, the majority of parents pay more and more attention to the height of their children. Parents often ask, how can children grow taller in a healthy, safe and effective way? In clinical medicine, in addition to lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, sleep, and exercise, the most effective drugs recognized at […]

If you have kidney disease, you should eat more kidney medicine and kidney food?

Health rumors:If you have kidney disease, you should eat more kidney medicine and kidney food. “Kidney disease” is the concept of Western medicine, which refers to the occurrence of kidney disease such as proteinuria, hematuria or increased blood creatinine. “Kidney deficiency” and “tonifying kidney” are concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, and “kidney” in the two […]

Combined lumbar and epidural anesthesia, what does the doctor do behind your back?

In many people’s eyes, anesthesia is an injection, as simple as infusion.Actually otherwise, such as caesarean section, anorectal surgery is mostly taken half hemp, anesthesia began, the doctor will first order the patient to place the position, that is, the patient’s back like “shrimp” as the bend.Patients back to the doctor, naturally can not see […]

Researchers have developed a new type of ultrafast insulin

Researchers at Stanford University are developing a new insulin preparation that starts to work almost immediately after injection, and its working speed may be four times that of the currently available fast-acting insulin preparations. The researchers focused on the so-called monomeric insulin. According to theory, its molecular structure should make it work faster than other […]

A new swine flu? Expert: No need to panic because this is not flu season

Chinese scientists have discovered a new type of flu that could become a pandemic!Chinese researchers have identified a new swine flu virus that has the potential to cause a pandemic, according to a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on June 29. Researchers from the Chinese Center for Disease Control […]

A German state requires meat employees to test the virus at least twice a week

The government of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, where a large-scale aggregate infection of a meat joint plant occurred, asked employees of meat companies in the state to undergo new coronavirus testing at least twice a week.     The North Rhine-Westphalia Ministry of Health said in a statement that starting July 1, meat company employees with […]

Infect AIDS, affect sperm motility? Do you understand the six misunderstandings of blood donation

On a hot summer day, many people experience fatigue, tiredness, loss of appetite, etc. Some people who are willing to donate blood for free are “deterred”, worrying that blood donation will hurt their bodies. In fact, many people have misunderstandings about blood donation, let’s take a look together. Myth 1: Blood donation can lead to […]

Will the novel Coronavirus come again in October? When can you actually take off your mask?

Novel Coronavirus is very likely to come again before winter. In my opinion, when the vaccine is successfully marketed in China, it will be the time for everyone to take off the mask.Nevertheless, please do not worry too much. While novel Coronavirus is under control in China at present, I believe that next summer you […]