International cooperation provides “acceleration” for R & D and production of new crown vaccine

At present, the world is looking forward to the early success of new crown vaccine research and development, and international cooperation can provide “acceleration” for all aspects of vaccine research and development and production, from basic research, clinical trials, to vaccine preparation, production and distribution. Extensive international cooperation from governments, international organizations, non-profit organizations, enterprises […]

Starting on January 11th?There are three big questions about the development of a covid-19 vaccine in the United States

At present, although the global covid-19 epidemic has been gradually brought under control, it still has a certain impact on the economic operation and social stability of all countries. It is urgent to develop an effective vaccine as soon as possible, and many countries are working intensively on vaccine research and development.In recent days, however, […]

Liverpool and everton players will be tested for the virus in the next 24 hours

Everton and Liverpool players and staff will be tested for the coronavirus in the next 24 hours as plans to resume training gather pace. Earlier this month, Liverpool reopened melwood for physical training with a limited number of players, while finch farm has been closed to everton players since before the premier league was officially […]

The mode of transmission is beyond imagination!Infectious disease expert: never seen such a weird virus!

It can spread through a sneeze, it can spread backwards and forwards in the same elevator, it can spread through saliva on a shoe, it can spread through worn clothing… Anthony fauci, an infectious disease expert, said in an interview that in his more than 50 years of research on infectious diseases, he had never […]

“Played by America”! Australia explains the source of the virus, and the accountability team has a fierce internal fight

The United States, as the most powerful country in the world, always follows a number of allies. Australia is one of the strongest. In recent years, its voice in the world has always been based on the attitude of the United States, so it has also done a lot of “bad things”. Especially after the […]

The virus kills tens of thousands of people each year, with a fatality rate of up to 100 percent

Speaking of rabies, I believe we will not be strangers. As the world’s highest case fatality rate of infectious diseases, many people are “talk crazy”, avoid. Is rabies really that scary?Is it really as scary as the media put it?Today, Dr. X and his friends are learning about rabies and saving lives. What is rabies? […]

5G caused novel coronavirus?Ericsson: on the contrary, there will be 2.8 billion 5G users in 2025

Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer Ericsson released new forecast information on May 11th, due to the impact of this global new corona virus outbreak, it is expected that by 2025, global 5G users will increase from the previously predicted 2.6 billion to about 2.8 billion. In the epidemic, the telecommunications industry is one of the few […]