WHO Special Outcome Virology Team Leader: I met the first confirmed case in Wuhan

Dominic Dwirvin, head of WHO’s virology team for special outbreaks As I write this, I have just returned from Wuhan, China, and am staying in a Sydney hotel for quarantine tests.When I was in Wuhan, I was an Australian representative sent by the World Health Organization to China to investigate the origin of novel coronavirus. […]

Nigeria Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: New Variation of Novel Coronavirus Finded

Chikwe Iheakwazu, director of Nigeria’s Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), said in Abuja on February 22 that a new strain of the Covid-19 virus, known as B.1.525, had been detected in the country. According to covey fathers in the day of Nigeria’s President, to deal with special outbreak of the new champions league team weekly […]

Two months after rescuing a girl with rabies, the dog was confirmed to be virus-free

In December 2020, a 13-year-old girl named Jiang in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, suspected of suffering from rabies and suspected brain death, attracted worldwide attention. A few days ago, Jinyun reporter learned from the father of the little girl, Mr. Jiang: Jiang has passed away in the hospital in early January 2021;Family members still doubt whether […]

German Ministry of Health: Mutant novel coronavirus is spreading rapidly

According to the data released by the Robert Koch Institute, the federal agency for disease control and prevention, Germany has 9,113 new cases of CoviD-19 confirmed in 24 hours and 508 new deaths, with a total of 2369719 confirmed cases and a total of 67,206 deaths.German health minister shi pan and the Robert Koch institute, […]

A novel variant novel coronavirus was first discovered in Finland

February 18 (Yle) — Finland’s Vita laboratory last week discovered a novel variant novel coronavirus, which has been sequenced in collaboration with the Institute of Biotechnology at the University of Helsinki, Yle reported. The new mutant novel coronavirus, tentatively named FIN-796H, has some mutations that are also present in previously discovered mutant virus strains.But the […]

Viruses mutate, vaccine shortages…American anti-epidemic challenges are no less!

According to the latest statistics released by Johns Hopkins University, 69,693 new cases of CoviD-19 have been confirmed in the United States, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 27.63 million as of 16:47 a.m. EDT.More than 480,000 deaths have occurred. Today, the epidemic of Covid-19 in the United States has not been effectively […]

Double mask blocks more than 92% of potentially infectious novel coronavirus particles: US study

February 11 – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Tuesday that double-layer masks, or cloth masks used in addition to medical masks such as disposable surgical masks, can significantly increase protection.The researchers found that by wearing two masks and making the face and mask fit more closely, 92.5% of potential novel coronavirus […]

“Novel coronavirus born from artificial genetic modification” is a big lie

Serious points: In fact, the conclusions in the papers published informally by Indian scholars are completely impossible to obtain from the data provided by them, and there are many “hard edges”.Several scientists have verified that the so-called “genetic similarities to HIV” are, incidentally, also widely present in other common viruses. This paper by the Indian […]

US tracking mutant novel coronavirus seriously lags behind US media: lack of leadership and support

According to the CDC’s latest data, 33 states in the United States have found mutant novel coronavirus cases, a total of more than 600 cases.The Associated Press said Thursday that the United States is lagging behind in tracking the mutated virus in the face of the severe epidemic, and lacks national leadership and support.Currently, less […]