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Why is the cost of growth hormone different for different children?

As people’s living standards improve, the majority of parents pay more and more attention to the height of their children. Parents often ask, how can children grow taller in a healthy, safe and effective way? In clinical medicine, in addition to lifestyle interventions such as nutrition, sleep, and exercise, the most effective drugs recognized at […]

True story of a mother: Thanks to the digital pen, my child is no longer afraid of growth hormone injections

Our kids have always been a little shorter than the other kids for some reason.My father and I are not short, the child’s nutrition we are also very careful, but not long.We also can’t focused, I decided to take his son to go to the hospital to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the inspection result comes […]

A hormone that must be understood for muscle gain and fat loss-growth hormone

In the fitness circle, we often mention cortisol, testosterone hormone, leptin, insulin, etc. These hormones maintain our normal human health. It is very important for us to gain muscle and reduce fat. Come here today to introduce a hormone that few people mention, called growth hormone. A hormone that must be understood for muscle gain […]

Estrogen and progesterone physiology

The synthesis of estradiol is mainly synthesized in particles, and progesterone is mainly produced by progesterone. Physiological effects of estrogen Promoting the development of female reproductive organs and maintaining the second characteristics of females also have an effect on metabolism. Promoting and maintaining second sexuality Maintaining the normal function of the sexual organs promotes the […]

Ghrelin: a newly discovered ghrelin

Ghrelin: a newly discovered ghrelin Abstract Ghrelin is a newly discovered 28-amino acid ghrelin, an endogenous ligand for the growth hormone ho rmone secretagogue recep to r (GHS2R). When Ghrelin binds to its specific receptor (GHS2R), it produces a range of biological effects. Ghrelin has the biological function of stimulating the release of growth hormone […]

The difference between peptide hormones and steroids

The difference between peptide hormones and steroids Simply put, the drugs used in bodybuilding are nothing more than two major categories, namely steroids and peptide hormones. Their common role in bodybuilding is to improve the body’s anabolic functions and accelerate recovery after physical training. In sports other than bodybuilding, although the categories of drugs are […]

Research data of hGH raw liquid production process

Research data of hGH raw liquid production process Part I: Fermentation Process Research Recombinant hGH fermentation process research points: laboratory shake flask research and canning process research. The main purpose of the laboratory shake flask study is to determine the basic process conditions for the upper tank fermentation by optimizing the expression experiment of rhGH. […]